Microsoft now issuing security warning and PSN update

According to Xbox Live Status Xbox live is having some phishing issues while playing Modern Warfare 2. This isint a major issue if you don’t play MW2 but there is always a possibility that it can spread to other games.  Phishing is an attempt to gain access to a players info including credit card via direct communication with a player. These are very common coming from an online service. But I am sure this is all just a very minor threat and Microsoft is just being cautious because of all the issues Sony is having.

Update to PSN-

  • It is top news in Japan to the point that it is all over every news channel as well as Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano, one of the government’s highest ranking officials in Japan is talking about how private businesses need to safeguard peoples information.
  • Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office is also looking into sony to see if they had adequate defenses to protect users information.
  • Sony did not realize the severity of the issue until Monday- so good job sony
  • United States senator Richard Blumenthal demands answers for sony about what is going on.
  • Also their stocks has fallen a little bit.
  • No word on when they believe PSN will be back up but are hoping to have some services back by the end of the week.


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