Spiderman: Edge of Time – Preview

Look out! Here comes the Spiderman in a new installment of his gritty game franchise heralded by Activision. While the last was short of perfect, it was at the least, very entertaining. Fans of the web-slinger got access into cult favorite versions of the Marvel Universe developed throughout the years, including my own preferred world, […]

Uncharted 3 Video Megapost

The Uncharted series is one of my favorites of all time, so of course I’m going to be super excited that a new one is coming out by the end of the year. I thought I would get together a collection of videos to get you all up to speed on what’s going down in […]

Take a look at the new Dead Island trailer

Deep Silver has just released the latest trailer for Dead Island and it is just as sad and untactful as their first one. I am still trying to figure out what the actual game will be like but its hard to picture it…. Anyways take a look at the trailer below.