APB Reloaded – First Impressions

Let me start by saying that I did indeed get a chance to play APB the first time around, just barely making it into the closed Beta in the final wave of players before official release. I don’t think I managed to get more than 3 or 4 hours of total playtime in before it […]

L.A. Noire – Review

L.A. Noire is one of those games that is so good it hurts to know that it is not completely  perfect. Rockstar has outdone themselves this time around and has given us something that may not be all new but they were able to bring in the right mechanics to make this game as great […]


APB unfortunately had a terrible start even though it was a pretty decent game with some interesting ideas. But once again it is back and honestly I cant wait to play it tonight. The idea alone makes for a great game and with the new updates that they have been doing I sense this may […]

Final Fantasy Type-0 demonstration

Someone managed to capture footage of  Final Fantasy Type-0 and have made it public. Let see how long it stays up. Anyways check out the 20 min video below of various gameplay mechanics of the game.

Sinners Myth l Black Ops l Girl Gamers

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Sinners Myth l Black Ops l Girl Gamers

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Singularity: Single Player Short Review

First, yes I know it’s not “new” anymore; it’s roughly a year old. When it came out I passed it by because there are always, at any given point, a giant mountain of FPS games of varying quality rolling along and playing all of them is mind numbing since very few are actually “good”. Second, […]

Dragon Age 3 – Looking for a exceptional environment artists

Alistair McNally Snr. Director, Creative Development at BioWare has posted that he is looking for an exceptional environment artists for Dragon Age 3. So should we say that it is safe to assume that Dragon Age 3 is in early development? I’m looking for exceptional environment artists to join me at #BioWare Edmonton, Canada to […]

The Sims 3 Generations – Identifying with Age Groups

Announcing the 4th expansion pack to The Sims 3, EA reveals the next step in the wildly popular game’s evolution- Age specific game mechanics. Playing off of the desires, concerns and urges through each stage of life, your Sim will now be more human than ever. Your aging digital counterpart will feel the effects of […]

Sinners Myth | Nervous

A shout out to Renacide for letting me poke her with my snippeh rifful, Go sub to her, tell her

Sinners Myth | Nervous

A shout out to Renacide for letting me poke her with my snippeh rifful, Go sub to her, tell her

This isn’t productive 1: Intro to the series and review of Faultline

I’ve decided to start a series of game reviews that focus entirely on games you probably shouldn’t be playing.  I’m not talking about Sex Games on the Commodore 64, I’m talking about all that massive pile of flash games many of us play on a daily basis to avoid being productive members of society.  They […]

Lego Starwars III: More stuff than something containing a great deal of stuff

I have always enjoyed the Lego series of games. I think they’re all pulled off very well for the most part and they’re enjoyable to play no matter how young or old you are. The game has been out a little while but I recently bought it on Steam in a fit of late night […]

Final Fantasy Tactics coming to iOS

This is probably the greatest news ever! Probably my #1 game of all time is coming to iOS. I may very well have to get an iPad just for this… Final Fantasy Tactics will be arriving in June to mid July. So get Excited! It just looks so pretty… SQUARE ENIX DLG

Your Virtual Home Away From Home – By Boss1000 from Couch Athletics

First off I would just like to thank Boss1000 from Couch Athletics for letting me share this article of his. It is a fantastic article that I think everyone should read. So please go check out Couch Athletics for some more great content. Read the article below or visit the article directly here.   The […]

Spiderman: Edge of Time – Preview

Look out! Here comes the Spiderman in a new installment of his gritty game franchise heralded by Activision. While the last was short of perfect, it was at the least, very entertaining. Fans of the web-slinger got access into cult favorite versions of the Marvel Universe developed throughout the years, including my own preferred world, […]

Uncharted 3 Video Megapost

The Uncharted series is one of my favorites of all time, so of course I’m going to be super excited that a new one is coming out by the end of the year. I thought I would get together a collection of videos to get you all up to speed on what’s going down in […]

Take a look at the new Dead Island trailer

Deep Silver has just released the latest trailer for Dead Island and it is just as sad and untactful as their first one. I am still trying to figure out what the actual game will be like but its hard to picture it…. Anyways take a look at the trailer below.

Ubisoft Motion Picture Studios

Ubisoft has answered all of our prayers of hopefully getting some great movies inspired by video games. Ubisoft has announced that they will be creating a studio that will produce 3D movies of some of their most popular series like Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon. “Our strategy is not to diversify but to […]

Get ready to replay or finally play Chrono Trigger!

Chrono Trigger is available this week for the Wii Virtual Console.  And between this LA Noire, Witcher 2 and moving to a new apartment I will have no spare time…. CHRONO TRIGGER (Originally on SNES. Published by Square Enix, Rated E 10+, 1 Player, 800 Wii Points) A young man is transported into the past, […]