GameStop removing OnLive Code from Deus Ex because of their new streaming service?

The news that GameStop has been opening up PC versions of Deus Ex: Human revolution and throwing out the OnLive code that has been included  with each copy has been spreading like wild fire. This is indeed a terrible thing to do and should of been resolved prior to release,  I say this because GameStop […]

Minecraft Mods… A wish!

Needless to say getting a Minecraft version of Team Fortress 2 would bea awesome. This video really shows how amazing it would be! But as of right now, this is just another item to add to my wish list. It would be awesome, but it doesn’t exist right now.  Is it hiding from me? Don’t […]

Skyrim has faces!

We all know RPG games often have issues with characters looking alike. Sometimes it’s so bad you see the same NPC ten times walking down one street. Skyrim adds some differences by adding a lot of different faces for each unique race! The chances of you running into the same looking NPC so often is […]

Portal: No Escape

While this seven minute live-action short film starts off slow, it doesn’t detract from how awesome it is. I definitely wish it was longer. I truly enjoy Portal and this short film really does a good job building upon the game. It would be amazing if this was ever made into a full movie, while […]

Ubisoft exhibiting largest line up of games ever at PAX Prime

PAX Prime is turning out to be an amazing get together of gamers and developers with tons of events and a ton of games. Ubisoft is really adding to this by bringing 11 games that will include hands-on demonstrations and special presentations. Make sure to check out their booths because there is something for everyone(list […]