SkyDrift comes to PSN and XBLA today!

SkyDrift is a game that I have been following for some time and I am hoping to be able to pick it up over the next few days. What you haven’t heard of it? Read about it below Budapest, Hungary – September 7, 2011 –Pilots, start your engines! Digital Reality’s aerial combat racer SkyDrift takes […]

ARMA 3 Website Reveal

Acclaimed super mil-sim franchise ARMA is set to reveal a new website for the next installment in the storied series, ARMA 3. A ‘mysterious’ countdown has shown up on the site, ticking down to this coming Friday. According to the developers, the site will highlight many of the new characters, game features, and associated media […]

A look at: Red Orchestra 2

Red Orchestra 2 is harder than any World War II Call of Duty game, it’s harder than Medal of Honor, Battlefield 1942, and every other FPS franchise combined. RO2’s unrelenting realism and nerve-wracking tension all contribute to why the game is one of the best WWII games ever made. Forget every modern shooter tactic you’ve […]

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D

The teaser trailer for the next installment of the RollerCoaster Tycoon series is up. With a 2012 release on the 3DS.

Possible PlayStation Vita Titles that will appear at TGS

Japanese magazine Famitsu has uncovered around 40 unannounced PS Vita games that may be announced at Tokyo Game Show this year. Some of the tiles include Lumines: Electronic Symphony Rayman Origins Michael Jackson The Experience HD Dark Quest Dream Club Zero Portable Ragnorak Odyssey Sumioni Moe Moe Daisensou Even though we are unsure of what […]

Space Invaders Infinity Gene Now Available for Android

I never get tired of Space Invaders and all of its adaptations within the past few.  Space Invaders Infinity Gene comes with new music, flashy animations, faster paced levels, power ups and even leveling up your spaceship.  Space invaders Infinity Gene is for everyone and the game builds upon your skill level and preferred play […]