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Terraria is a Minecraft-like 2D sandbox title that has sold over a million copies since it was released. Version 1.1 is coming down the pipe soon. In fact, you’ll be able to get the game patched on December 1, 2011, less than a week from now.

The patch includes tons of new items, some new monsters and new NPCs. Among the items are going to be new ores and weapons. Also of special note is you’ll finally be able to create female characters and equip them with matching armor, something that was missing from the original release. There are a ton of things that Terraria is adding and the complete list is below.

A trailer has also been released which showcases some of the new features this new version has to offer, and we have it for you below.

Here is the long list of changes – via Terraria wiki

New items

A total of 222 new items, including 4 new armor sets and 21 new accessories.[blog 2] Already known items are given below:

  • Hallowed Seeds, which can be planted to create the Hallow biome (which stops the Corruption from spreading).[blog 3][forum 2]
  • New sets of items. The new ores can only be found after completing certain tasks. The armors all seem to have slight helmet variations.[forum 2][forum 3]
    • Set of Cobalt items:
      • Cobalt Ore[blog 3]
      • Cobalt armor (re-introduction).[blog 4][blog 5]
      • Cobalt Drill[blog 2]
      • Cobalt Chainsaw
    • Set of Mythril items:[blog 6]
      • Mythril Ore
      • Mythril armor[forum 4][blog 5]
      • Mythril Repeater (a new bow, appears to be a crossbow).
      • Mythril Drill (mining device).
      • Mythril Sword
      • Mythril Halberd
    • Set of Adamantite items:[blog 7]
      • Adamantite Ore
      • Adamantite armor (appears to have a vibrating effect).[blog 8][blog 5] It also appears to have more than one “form”.[blog 9]
      • Adamantite Glaive (a spear).
      • Adamantite Drill
      • Adamantite Chainsaw (acts as axe)
      • Adamantite Repeater[blog 5]
  • Pearlstone (A new stone. Possibly found in the Underground Hallow?)
  • Excalibur: a white/gold-colored broadsword (appears to give off particle effect).[blog 3][blog 7]
  • Pwnhammer: This white/gold hammer can break Demon Altars, blessing the world with one of the 3 new ores (chosen randomly). The Demon Altars drop Hallowed Seeds when destroyed. The name is a reference to Super Mario Bros. X, a game Redigit has previously worked on.[blog 7]
  • The Dao of Pow (shows yin and yang symbol)[blog 7][forum 5], seems to give some kind of debuff to enemies (question mark over them after hit).
  • Clockwork Assault Rifle.(A rifle that fires 3-burst rounds)
  • New, much longer, grappling item, possibly made from the Clingers’ drops.
  • Holy Water[blog 7], which turns blocks to Hallow-type.
  • A purple version of Holy Water (Corrupted Water?).[blog 7]
  • At least ten new accessories.[blog 7][forum 6]
    • Light blue-colored boots.
    • Light blue-colored teardrop-shaped item. Looks to be a balloon with a cloud inside.
    • Some sort of rectangular device which appears to have a screen.
    • Orange-colored snorkeling headgear.
    • Light blue-colored shield with a pattern on it.
    • Wings (possibly two versions; Angelic and Demonic)
    • Purple-colored bottle.
    • Compass.
    • Cream-colored item with orange highlights, resembling a shell or jellyfish.
    • Gray bottle with a blue stripe and what appears to be a cross stopper.
  • Torches can be colored when combined with gems[blog 9][blog 8] (gem color would correspond to the torch color, similar to how Phaseblades work) and turned on/off with wiring system.
    • Amethyst/Purple Torch (Torch + Amethyst)
    • Topaz/Yellow Torch (Torch + Topaz)
    • Sapphire/Blue Torch (Torch + Sapphire)
    • Emerald/Green Torch (Torch + Emerald)
    • Ruby/Red Torch (Torch + Ruby)
    • Diamond/White Torch (Torch + Diamond)
  • Glass Walls.[blog 10][blog 5]
  • Machete-type weapon (resembles Cloud’s Buster Sword?).[blog 10]
  • New vanity items/armor.[blog 10]
  • Bell.[blog 10]
  • Golden bell.
  • Ruler: an accessory that will show a grid on the screen to aid builders.[forum 7]
  • Armor stand: allows you to display a full set of armor.[blog 5]
  • Place-able stone statues which can be linked to wires to provide effects:[blog 5]
    • Angel
    • Griffin
    • Demon/Gargoyle
    • Slime (spawns Slimes)[blog 1]
    • Bunny (spawns Bunnies)[blog 1]
    • Bird (spawn Birds)[blog 1]
    • Devourer/Eater of Souls
    • (Crystal?) Heart
    • Pot
    • Ball(falling stone spawner?)
  • Wood/Stone background wall.[blog 5]
  • Wooden pillars (may possibly be created with background walls).[blog 5]
  • Stone column.
  • Rainbow Rod[blog 5]: Flamelash-kind wand with rainbow colored missiles.
  • Ice Rod: A blue scepter that creates free-standing ice blocks[blog 5]
  • Magical Harp.[blog 5]
  • A silver variant of harp.
  • Shotgun, which shoot four shells in one time.[blog 2]
  • Flamethrower.[blog 1]
    • End-phrase implying that it uses Gel as fuel.[blog 1]
    • Can’t harm to target under the water.
  • Megashark, which seems to be a stronger version of the Minishark. [blog 2]
  • Cursed Flames spell, green colored version of Water Bolt.
  • Soul of Night (Tier 3)
  • Crystal Storm spell, version of Water Bolt with small and slow missiles.
  • Crystal Bullet
  • Holy Arrow
  • Cursed Bullet
  • Adept Flower Of Fire spell (variant with attribute-prefix?)
  • A new tier of healing potion with a square bottle and two yellow stripes.

[edit]New additions

  • At least 80 new sprites.[tweet 1]
  • New “Anti-corruption”[forum 3] biome (or the Hallow) with colored trees and light blue-colored grass. (Possibly the biome created by Hallowed Seeds?)[blog 11][blog 1]
    • Unicorns and Pixies spawn here.
  • Corruption and Hallow can spread into Deserts, Oceans and Jungles.[blog 3][blog 4]
  • The Hallow and the Corruption in the Underground.
  • A new spell/item:[blog 10][blog 11][blog 9]
    • It follows the player around, illuminating the area around them.
    • It could be an upgraded variant of the Orb of Light due to their similar functions.
    • It looks like Pixie and flutters as it moves.
    • Shown in several different colors: blue on the early shots, green and red in 1.1 trailer (1:13 and 2:13, respectively).
  • A new lighting engine:[blog 8]
    • Allows for colored light.[blog 9]
    • Torches give off a warmer glow.
    • Lighting is now much smoother, and the overall brightness has been increased.
    • Lighting can be toggled between 4 different modes through the use of a hotkey.[forum 8]
  • Torch and Glowstick hotkeys.
  • A hotkey that selects the tool you can use to break whatever the cursor is hovering over at the moment.[tweet 2]
  • New backgrounds which differ from biome to biome. It changes depending on the time of day, height and the current event (Blood Moon).[blog 5][tweet 3][blog 1]
  • More blocks and background walls now blend together when placed next to each other.[blog 5]
  • Random character option.[forum 9][blog 12]
  • New wiring mechanic:[tweet 3]
    • Can be used to make traps and other devices.
    • Wires embed into blocks.
    • Wrench: wires only show up when the Wrench is held.[tweet 4]
    • A lever which can be connected to wires. There was shown two variants: one-square Switch[blog 1], that can be placed like Torch, and 2×2 big lever.[tweet 3]
    • Buttons/pressure pads (red and green), which can be connected to wires and activate wired elements when NPC step on it.[blog 1]
    • New type of block/impassable furniture, probably shooting trap, which can be connected to wires.[blog 1]
    • Can be used to create toggleable blocks massives.
  • A circular object resembling stone (active part of stonefall trap?)
  • Five new music tracks:[tweet 5][blog 13]
    • For Underground Corruption biome.
    • For Hallow biome.
    • For Underground Hallow biome.
    • Two tracks for boss-fights.
  • Clothes and armor appearance variants for female characters.[blog 12]
  • Resprited clouds and recolored sun.[blog 12]
  • NPC housing interface:[blog 2]
    • The possibility to assigning a house to a certain NPC, assuming the house meets the requirements for housing an NPC. Likely a banner of the NPC living in the house will show up in the house.
    • Inform the player about what a house is missing to be a valid house.
  • You can now build pumps, which can transport liquids.[blog 2]
  • Weapons now have random attributes and can be reforged at one of the new NPCs (for a price). Random attribute include increased/decreased damage/knockback/critical strike chance/speed/velocity and possibly more. When they have such attributes the name and color may change accordingly (for example have prefix ‘Damaged’ and have grey color when stats are lower than normal).[blog 2]
  • Bombs (and possibly other explosives) can now appear in bigger stacks. (Possibly up to 99.)[blog 2]
  • A lot of improvements to world gen.[blog 2]
    • Particularly random generated traps in the underground.
    • Some sort of crystals now grow in caves.
    • More decorated chest spawn points?
  • Hardmode world.[blog 2]
    • Activated by defeating Wall of Flesh boss.
    • World will have new challenges and tougher enemies.
    • Player will detonate after death.
  • New buff with unlimited time, which gives ability to breath underwater and creates animation on player character head. (effect from accessory?)
  • Item placing directly from inventory screen.
  • New type of forge.

[edit]New NPCs

Four new bosses.[blog 2]

  • One boss is the Wall of Flesh (WOF, 8000 health).[tweet 6] It possibly licks you with The Tongue as a form of attack, and it may drop the The Tongue as an item upon death.[forum 10] It likely summons worms out of its mouth and shoots lasers out of its eyes. It spawns in The Underworld.[blog 1] It likely looks like it is made out of left over body parts. After killing this boss, your world will enter hardmode and you’ll be facing tougher enemies.
  • There will be “hard versions” of the existing three bosses - Skeletron becomes Skeletron Prime (30000 health), Eater of Worlds becomes The Destroyer (80000 health). Hard version of Eye of Cthulhu was not shown yet.
  • One of the possible bosses may be Cthulhu.[forum 11][tweet 7].[blog 1]

A total of 35 new non-boss monsters including:[blog 2]

  • Wraith: it is a black ghost-like creature with red eyes which glow in the dark. They have 200 health.[blog 10]
  • Giant Bat: A giant version of the Cave Bat (200 health).
  • Armored Skeleton: A skeleton with armor (140-340 health).
  • Corruptor: a creature similar to the Eater of Souls, but much stronger (it has 400 health).
  • Some sort of a new slime (Corruption/Corrupted Slime?), spawns sub-versions of itself after death.
  • Clinger (300 health): a new enemy with an AI similar to the Man Eater and the Snatcher, and resemble the Giant Worm graphically.
  • Mummy.[blog 4]
  • Some sort of skeleton archer that fires flaming arrows.[blog 2]
  • Underground jungle slime
  • Goblin archer
  • Possessed Armor
  • Gastropod, which shoots Pink Lasers
  • Unicorn[tweet 8][blog 1], which is hostile and spawns in the anti-corruption biome.
  • Pixie (150 health), which is hostile, spawns in the anti-corruption biome and drops some yellow dust.
  • Illuminant Slime (180 health)
  • Angler Fish (90 health).
  • Probe (200 health).
  • A floating hammer surrounded by a pink-colored aura.[blog 10]
    • It charges up by spinning around until it charges towards to player.
    • It clips through solid blocks.
    • It appears to spawn underground, and even in the Dungeon.
    • There is a new metallic sound effect when it is hit.
  • A new race/class/vanity set/enemy NPC. It looks like a werewolf.[blog 11]
  • Wyvern (4000 health) - a long, white chinese-dragon-like creature, which appears to spawn in Floating Islands. It drops Soul of Flight. Shown before as non-hostile.[blog 4]
  • Three new NPC characters, which depicted on bandcamp page. (“Check out album page and you’ll meet some new friends as well!” – Redigit).[blog 13] They need to be rescued.[blog 2]
    • A young girl with red hair.
    • A wizard in purple robes.
    • An exiled goblin smith, will allow you to reforge an item to change its condition (for a price).[blog 2]
  • Each town NPC now have personal name (possibly randomized) and his/her death will be reported with it:
    • Bradley the Guide
    • Humphrey the Merchant
    • Bazdin the Demolitionist
    • Celestia the Dryad
    • Stezom (at 2:13) / Dalek (at 3:16) – Goblin smith

[edit]Bug fixes

  • Certain coin reduction by-passes have been fixed.[forum 12]
 Huge Terraria Update Coming December 1st

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