‘Kinect 2′ Rumored to Read Lips


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Some industry sources say the next Microsoft Kinect will actually be able to read your lips. According to a report from EuroGamer,

According to a report from Eurogamer, the Kinect device released for the next Xbox console will offer improved motion sensing and voice recognition, including the ability to lip read, detect emotions such as anger, and determine player direction. One developer source says the next Kinect can even track the pitch and volume of player voices.

The next Kinect won’t be connected to the console through USB this time, either. This will allow for more data to be sent to the Xbox, which will result in higher camera resolution and less input lag.

What do you think of these soon to be improvements on the Kinect system? Are you looking forward to what they can do with the Kinect? Do you even own a Kinect? If you don’t even own a Kinect right now, would these improvements seem like something you’d actually buy the Kinect for? Let us know in the comments below we’d love to hear some feedback!

 Kinect 2 Rumored to Read Lips

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