Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots

Even more screenshots for Final Fantasy XIII-2 Crystarium, Augusta Tower and Historia Crux screenshots.

Robot Entertainment reveals Hero Academy

The developers of Orcs Must Die (Robot Entertainment) has revealed their next game! It will be a two-player iOS board game style titled Hero Academy. It’s a tactics game in which players get to move their heroes across a board to destroy the enemies crystal before theirs gets destroyed.

Get The Elder Scrolls I and II for free from Bethesda

Ever since Morrowind the Elder Scolls series have been rather popular, but did you know there were actually four titles released before Morrowind — Arena and Daggerfall were the first two mainline entries in the series, while Battlespire and Redguard deviated from the traditional open-world RPG formula into dungeon-crawling and linear action-adventure respectively. Arena was […]

Minecraft Available for iOS Tomorrow and 1.0 is Available Now

This weekend plays host to MineCon, at which the final version of Minecraft will be revealed or if you don’t want to wait you can actually get your hands on 1.0 right now. If you can’t wait until the official release date, fear not — Mojang is more than happy to break its own (virtual) “street date” […]

Massive Tech Update to Game Engine Released for Magicka

In anticipation of Magicka’s upcoming Lovecraft-inspired campaign, Magicka: The Stars are Left, the Great Old Ones today announced that the popular co-op action/adventure game has recieved a huge tech overhaul for the game engine itself and game balance improvements. Any players who have purchased Magicka will receive, at no charge, this much-asked for update, which adds the ability to resume game […]

Skyrim Launch is a Success

Skyrim’s launch was a huge succes with over 7 million units shipped and about half of that sold within the first 48 hours which is pretty good and they expect to make $450 million from sales. It is nice to see that so many people get to enjoy such a great game. [toggle title="Full Press […]

‘Gears of War 3′ title update 2 adds spectator mode, fixes exploits and more

The download features a number of improvements, including a spectator mode for private matches and the option to remove the HUD during multiplayer. Exploits fixed include increased Smoke Grenade stun effects, changes to the Dry Dock map in Capture the Leader and ensuring the Onyx Field Engineer medal can no longer be prestiged. Other changes […]

Modern Warfare 3 Single Player Review

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the conclusion of one of the best-selling franchises in history. Naturally, that means MW3’s single-player campaign goes out with a heck of a (flash) bang. Your sole purpose is to find and kill Makarov, the mastermind behind World War 3 and every event across the storied trilogy. Every […]

APB: Reloaded – Live Action

Live action trailers are apparently the new cool thing to do in game advertising and I agree. APB also deserves it for the complete turn around of a game that failed in 3 months but has been revived as a F2P game that has brought in 100,000 players. It is well worth the watch especially […]

Mass Effect 3 Script may change due to Leak

The ending of the Mass Effect trilogy managed to get leaked online followed an accidental release of the Mass Effect 3 beta on Xbox Live. While most of the fans just wanted to know more about the game’s mechanics, some sleuths managed to find the game’s script hidden in the beta–much to the dismay of […]

Microsoft celebrates 10 years of Xbox with free Avatar prop

Xbox is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and Microsoft is giving away an Xbox Anniversary Prop. The box o’ fun is a cube filled with confetti and fireworks. The prop will be available in all Xbox Live regions until Saturday, so go ahead and grab it. In addition to the prop giveaway, Microsoft is celebrating the 10th […]

A Dovahkiin’s Tale – Skyrim Review

Every once in a while a game comes along that pulls you into its world and you don’t want to leave because of its graphics or its story. Skyrim is that game for me. It has been awhile since I have been so immersed in a game at the level that I have been with […]

Assassin’s Creed Revelations DLC Detailed

On the day of the game’s release, Ubisoft announced downloadable content plans for Assassin’s Creed Revelations. First up is the Ancestors Character Pack on December 13. This pack includes four new multiplayer characters: the Privateer, Corsair, Brigand and the Gladiator. Each character has unique taunts, weapons and assassination moves. This pack will cost $3.99 on […]

Target Black Friday deals

  Target:   Xbox 360 4GB Console $139.99 PS3 160GB Console w/ Little Big Planet 2, Ratchet and Clank All 4 One, and Playstation plus 30 day membership for $199 Kinect Sensor w/Kinect Adventures, Fruit Ninja, and The Gunstringer for $99 PLUS, Wipeout 2 for Kinect for FREE Nintendo 3DS w/Super Mario 3D Land for […]

Wal-Mart Black Friday deals

If you’re like me you look forward to the Day after Thanksgiving, commonly known as Black Friday. It was nicknamed “Black Friday”, because of the amount of sales that retailers do on that day to bring their books back into the black. Thanksgiving at my family gatherings are spent on dinner, clean up, and going […]

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Rhythm Game Gets New Characters, Release Date

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy has been given a release date and a slew of new characters. The game will drop in Japan on  February 16, 2012 and will cost you 6090¥. There are no details yet on a Western release yet but we look forward to this news but we are guessing mid Q3 but that is […]

WB wants your help with Arkham City 360 save bug

Warner Brothers has acknowledged the corrupted save issue in Batman: Arkham City but it needs help before it can work on a solution. The company has set up a survey, asking fans for information that will help get the problem isolated. Customers are prompted to send system information to support@wbgames, detailing their Xbox 360 model and storage method. The following questions […]

Microsoft Tags Calibur 11 Vault as Officially Licensed Product

Widely recognized by both consumers and industry professionals for its ability to both protect and enhance the style of the Xbox 360 S Console, Calibur11 today announced that the Calibur11 Vault is now an officially licensed Microsoft product.  The agreement affords Calibur11 a wide array of development opportunities around a variety of enhanced features. “We are pleased to […]

Robot Entertainment Tease Two New Titles

Justin Korthof who is the Community Manager at Robot Entertainment was on the latest episode of Rocket Jump Podcast had mentioned that the studio is done with Orcs Must Die. They only had 2 DLC packs planned and that was it. The good thing is that they are working on 2 new titles but he […]

Installing Skyrim On Your Xbox 360 Will Cause a Drop in Quality

So i figured that installing Skyrim would make it run smoother because it had so much information that it had to keep reading off the disk. So I decided to install it the other day and I personally didn’t notice much difference but I went back after seing so many posts about the drop in quality and […]