PS3 firmware 4.00 now available


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The latest update for the PlayStation 3 is now available, and mandatory! The v4.00 update sounds more like the sort of thing that should welcome in some major new features; but instead, the future Vita owners and PlayStation Plus subscribers are the main groups who will benefit much from this particular update.

With the Vita launching in just a few weeks in Japan – it’ll be out there on December 17th – this update enables the PS3 to manage content for the device. Digital games, music, photos, videos, and save games can all be transferred from the Vita to a PS3 for the purpose of backing them up. Vita firmware will also be upgradable through the PlayStation 3 with this update.

PlayStation Plus subscribers can now customize the automatic download feature so that certain things won’t be downloaded or uploaded. This option can be toggled on or off for game patches, system software updates, recommended games/videos, and trophy sync information. Which will really help with some loading times when it comes to looking at friend’s game cards, or even your own. Personally, the trophy sync has always been an annoying process to deal with whenever I wanted to look at my own card or someone else’s in some cases.

You can find some other changes here, and of course as detailed here! How do you feel about the updates if you are a PlayStation 3 gamer? Do you wish they were offering better options for those who are not getting the Vita, or are not a PlayStation Plus subscriber? How do you feel about it in general? Let us know in the comments below!

 PS3 firmware 4.00 now available

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