Rampage breaking into the Movies


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Rampage was inspired by all the giant monster movies of the past. Now, Rampage is the inspiration for Hollywood’s future! New Line Cinema has begun development on George, Ralph, and Lizzie’s big screen debut.

I am sure many of you remember playing Rampage when growing up, and if you don’t you are probably on the younger side of the years. None-the-less Rampage was a game where you would fight other monsters for the right to destroy a city. Or if you played with a friend, you could work together and destroy a city. It was your choice how to play it, really. Not much is known about the story of George, Ralph, and Lizzie, three regular humans transformed into a giant ape, werewolf, and lizard respectively, though I suspect that will all change when New Line unleashes its Rampage movie on the unsuspecting public.

Midway created the arcade smash-em up back in 1986. Midway was purchased by Warner Bros. back in 2009, and New Line Cinema is a subsidiary of Time warner, so there you go. Rampage is all theirs. According to The Hollywood Reporter, producer John Rickard is currently meeting with writers to bring the destructive trio to life.

In my honest opinion I don’t think they can really mess-up making this into a movie. The only way it could be bad is if the special effects or no good, and the story is not good with it. But, lets hope for the best. There is nothing like a movie with big monsters causing destruction. What do you think about Rampage turning into a movie? Let us know!

 Rampage breaking into the Movies

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