Rumors about the next Gears of War


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This is just a rumor, but according to the upcoming issue of Official Xbox Magazine, the next Gears of War game could be a prequel, and it could be in the hands of the developer People Can Fly.

People Can Fly was recently acquired by Epic Games. Its first game Bulletstorm was published by the Gears of War developer, so a partnership like this seems very likely. Of course the Gears of War team is probably ready for something new after finishing Gears of War 3, but the franchise is still incredibly popular. So, it is not unusual that they would want to continue on with this series in one form, even if it means giving more background to the original storyline that everyone has grown to love when it comes to the Gears of War series.

How do you feel about maybe seeing a prequel for Gears of War? Is it something you’d look forward to? Or is it something where you think Gears of War should have stopped after Gears of War 3? Let us know in the comments below!

 Rumors about the next Gears of War

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