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New Zone and High-Level Instance in Runes of Magic

Earlier today, publisher Frogster released the new Runes of Magic content update, Patch 4.0.5 – Souls of the Past. The update opens the gate to a new raid dungeon, the Tomb of the Seven Heroes, which challenges groups of up to twelve players to a heated battle with seven menacing bosses. Also released today, the latest RoM-Cast episode shows these formidable foes locked in combat with a group of well equipped players, showing off the new level cap of 70.

A Little Lore
The once mighty heroes of Taborea are in dire need of help. Players are already familiar with the history of these noble heroes, which began in The Elder Kingdoms, and now they actually have the chance to face them in harrowing combat. The legendary heroes proved their battle prowess in coming to the aid of King Kalume during the Great Banishment of the demons. Alas, their souls and swords are now under the control of the demon Sismond, who is using them as undead bodyguards. Players are called upon to defeat the entranced heroes and release them from Sismond’s evil spell.

New Endgame Content
Frogster is also serving up expanded endgame content with the new zone, Tergothen Bay. Here, players will come across the contested Kingdom of Lechif, where the ruling Kanches family are constantly at war with one another, leaving their subjects to fend for themselves against invading thieves and plunderers.

“Souls of the Past will not only draw Runes of Magic fans across the globe deeper into the Taborean saga, but it also offers weeks of gaming fun with a fantastic new zone and an exciting instance”, said Producer of Runes of Magic, Mandy Blumenthal, adding, “This patch also paves the way to Chapter 5, which we are all very much looking forward to.”

Patch Notes – Souls of the Past – 4.0.5

New Content

  • New Zone: Tergothen Bay
  • New Instance: Tomb of The Seven Heroes
  • New Festival – Autumn Banquet (see below)
  • New Recipes (see below)
  • Level cap has been raised from 67 to 70


  • New Item-Set skills have been added for every class.
    • They cost 6kk Gold to extract (6.000.000 Gold)
  • New Level 66 and 70 Recipes have been added for every profession. (see below)
    • 39 Armorcrafting Recipes
    • 19 Tailoring Recipes
    • 35 Blacksmithing Recipes
    • 23 Carpentry Recipes
    • 2 Alchemy Recipes
    • 6 Cooking Recipes
  • Added the recipes to refine the level 69 Herbs, Ores and Woods. (Level 66 recipes)
    • 5 Woodcutting Recipes
    • 5 Melting Recipes
    • 5 Herbalism Recipes
  • New Phirius Shell Equipment for level 70 has been added
  • The currency Energy of Justice has been added and can be used to exchange for Equipment pieces. You can obtain Energy of Justice by participating in the Public Encounter in Tergothen Bay.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments

  • Skill changes

    • Rogue/Mage:
      • Poison Trap
        • The skill should now work again.
        • Players can no longer be killed by Poison Trap in a duel.
    • Fixed a bug where keyboard buttons were disabled after a “Knockback” debuff effect disappeared.
    • Every skill now triggers a 1 second Global Cooldown.
    • Added a system that checks if there is an object between the player and the target when a skill is used. If an item is in between, the skill can not be used. (does not apply to the skills Snipe & Autoshot (yet))
  • Items
    • The attackspeed of weapons is now correctly displayed (e.g. it used to show 3 instead of 3.1)
    • Item Blake’s Leather Shirt now has a correct display on Human and Elve Females.
    • Adjustments to items: Added restrictions on getting the effect Buddy Resonance in the following items’ shortnotes:
      • Loyal Little Goat of War – Pet Egg
      • Loyal Little Angel – Pet Egg
      • Loyal Little Demon – Pet Egg
      • Loyal Pink Ball – Pet Egg
      • Loyal Orange Ball – Pet Egg
      • Loyal Golden Marmoset – Pet Egg
      • Loyal Tropical Toucan – Pet Egg
      • Loyal Little Death – Pet Egg
    • Adjustments to costume items: displays equipment type in “item information”. Now player can view the costume’s icon and its equipment type in the item information via mouse-over on the costume.
    • Monster Cards:
      • Cowadunga has been added to the game.
      • Bungamoo: removed “Bungamoo monster card” from the database.
      • Ice Plain Lizard King: removed “Ice Plain Lizard King Monster Card” from the database.
      • Lyoth: removed “Lyoth Monster Card” from the database.
      • Decayed Zombie: removed “Decayed Zombie Moster Card” from the database.
      • Mysterious Frost Golem: removed “Mysterious Frost Golem Monster Card”.
      • Mimic: This monster appears when player touches the Treasure chest in Ystra Labyrinth.
      • Petrified Walker: removed “Petrified Walker Monster Card” from the database.
      • Toothed Ankylar: removed “Toothed Ankylar Monster Card” from the database.
      • Aris Dori: added the monster card.
      • Sethet Balen: added the monster card.
      • Zurhidon Disciple: added the monster card.
      • Obenmoti: removed “Obenmoti Monster Card” from the database.
      • Wattken: removed “Wattken Monster Card. from the database.
      • Sirloth: removed “Sirloth Monster Card”. from the database.
      • Kobold Supply Officer: the monster card works properly.
      • Carlos Matteo– Monster Card removed from the database.
      • Tatus: removed “Tatus Monster Card” from the database.
      • Wingsnake General Lireda: this monster didn’t drop monster card – fixed.
      • Scarlet Snake General Kurawang: this monster didn’t drop monster card – fixed.
      • Rufa Chief- the monster card works properly.
      • Female Sand Scorpion Larva Monster Card: dropped by Female Sand Scorpion Larva – it works properly.
      • Mummified Woman Monster Card: dropped by Mummified Woman – it works properly.
      • Fanged Ankylar Monster Card: dropped by Fanged Ankylar – it works properly.
      • Ancient Iguana Monster Card: dropped by Ancient Iguana – it works properly.
      • Black Wind Scorpion Monster Card: dropped by Black Wind Scorpion – it works properly.
      • Bordon Monster Card: dropped by Bordon – it works probably. Bordon can be found at Tempest height in the Dust Devil Canyon.
      • Zurhidon Plotter: removed “Zurhidon Plotter Monster Card”
      • Treasure Chest Guard: Removed “Treasure Chest Guard Monster Card” from the database.
      • Naga Captain: removed “Naga Captain Monster Card” from the database.
    • Recipe – Super Mana Potion
      • Now player can learn and use this recipe. Previously, there was no option to choose in the crafting interface.
    • Added more items sold by the Planting Master Sam Paresh in Varanas:
      • 3 New lvl 79 planting seeds:
        • Ore – Green Shine Seed
        • Wood – Echo Seed
        • Grass – Sunbathed Seed
      • 3 new level 79 potted plants:
        • Ore – Classical Cosmic Goblet
        • Wood – Classical Lunar Goblet
        • Grass – Classical Lightflare Goblet
    • Secret Grove Boshi Hard Horns & Secret Grove Woodroach Hard Shell now have a stackvalue of 99
    • Regin’s Spirit Crystal: changed the name from “Lynn Binpike” to “Regin” in the shortnote.
    • The rarity color of the following items has been changed from white to light purple (itemshop items)
      • Ancient Chaka Shield
    • Pumpkin Little Death – Pet Egg can now be placed in the partner bag.
    • Adjustments to the following equipment: changed from Warrior only to Warrior and Warden class-specific equipment
      • Mercenary’s Glory Helm
      • Mercenary’s Formal Chainmail
      • Mercenary’s Formal Trousers
      • Mercenary’s Tongue Gloves
      • Mercenary’s Combat Shoulder Protectors
    • Adjustments to the following equipment: changed from Priest only to Priest and Druid class-specific equipment
      • Holyspring Crown
      • Holyspring War Coat
      • Holyspring Leg Guards
      • Holyspring Ring
      • Holyspring Inscription Shoulder Guards
  • Titles
    • Additional skills’ cooldown time for the following titles has been removed. It is no longer required from players to wait 30 minutes before cast the skill again.
      • Move along, Goblin!
      • Green Miracle
    • Adjustments to the following titles. Now the NPC or monster names display correctly in the shortnote.
      • It’s Scooray, not Scrooge!
  • Siege Wars
    • Summon: Electric Tower & Face of Treachery
      • The Slow effect from Electric Tower and Face of Treachery now also affects the player who is riding a mount.
      • Balance Perception: immune to Face of Treachery’s Knockdown effect, now the effect time changed from 30 to 10 seconds.
      • Players are no longer able to shoot through castle walls (does not apply on skills AutoShot / Snipe (yet))
      • Updated localization description of the Academy Buffs. The buffs now only apply to the researcher.
      • Flame Towers can now be upgraded if you swap from crystal extraction to upgrading the Flame Tower. Previously this would bug the Flame Tower.
  • Quests
    • Bringing Back the Fallen Warriors (This quest is accepted on the Redhill Mountains. In the quest, player will be sent to the Sardo Castle instance.)
      • Now the 2 quest NPCs will appear correctly for the player to complete the quest.
    • The Power to Protect (A quest on Ravenfell, prior quests: The Cost of Honor & Scorpion Tail Venom): Now when the quest is completed, only 1 instead 2 lines of the option -“complete quest” will appear.
    • Quest ‘Myrmex Poison Experiment’ now functions again
    • Quest ‘Infiltrating Zurhidon’: The mobs now correctly attack again
    • Adjustments made to the text of the Quest ‘Water Dragon Connection’:
      • Now part of the quest detail reads: “Thousands of years before, during the Great Banishment, we five great dragons chose to prevent the true dragons becoming involved in the war. However, Lytfir, tutored by someone, led a group of ignorant young dragons and escaped from the security of the ancient dragon meeting. When we found their tracks again… (He closes his eyes. These memories seem to be painful for him.) Except for Lytfir, all the water dragons died. I still can’t understand how they died. It’s too strange and unbelievable. Though Lytfir survived, he has become insane since then, as if the spirits of his dead clansmen wouldn’t forgive him.”
    • Quest ‘Breakout’ now correctly finishes the Quest if you deliver the supply cart.
  • NPCs
    • Hali’s Stratagem: removed the random codes appearing in the whispering messages.
    • Fixed an incorrect display of a Garrison Member in Howling Mountains (Zone 1)
    • Housekeepers now have 80 Charisma in combination with 16 Magical Curriculum instead of 72 Charisma
  • Other Fixes
    • ​When you die in Varanas you now correctly respawn at the resurrection point
    • When entering Osalon Valley or Bolinthya Rift, the party interface no longer disappears.
 Runes of Magic   Patch   Fight the Past, To Save the Future

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