Waveform needs your help on Kickstarter

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Independent developer Eden Industries has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund its game that seems to be a mix of a rhythm style game and acid mixed with chiptune music and an action game. The video can show you what I mean.

If  Waveform is a game that you think you may enjoy, then show your support it on Kickstarter to help meet it goals and if the Kickstarter fails (we hope it wont) you will not be charged. The developers are looking for $8,000 in total so that they they can add the final polish on the game and get it on as many platforms as possible which hopefully will include PC, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android.

They also want feedback into helping the gameplay evolve into something surprising and even more exciting. And like most Kickstarters there are multiple levels of donations with some interesting perks such as being able to design a level.

 Waveform needs your help on Kickstarter

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