Skyrim Hits Lowest Price Since Release

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (360, PS3, PC) is $49.99 with free shipping from Amazon, matching Target’s earlier price drop. This is the lowest price since the game’s Nov.11 release, and $5 less than Black Friday and Cyber Monday. No word on how long the price cut will last. So, for those who have not […]

Crusader Kings II Sin Trailers

Crusader Kings 2 is definitely a game that takes Real Time Strategy to a whole new level.  Rather than expecting the player to build a country, they are expected to build a dynasty.  Even the smallest details are considered in the games outcome and glory of your dynasty. The game’s setting begins in 1066 and covers […]

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples has always been one of my favorite card games, especially when playing with a group of people that share the same humor as I do. Knowing which cards will always win and which ones will get the best laughs makes for a truly entertaining experience. Apples to Apples has become one of […]

Mistymire DLC for Dungeon Defenders Available Now on Steam

Dungeon Defenders Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards: Part 1 Available Now on Steam, December 21 on XBLA & PSN Ready to leave your castle’s confines and venture into the world of Etheria? Trendy Entertainment, Reverb Publishing, and D3Publisher are about to unleash the first part of downloadable content (DLC) for its exceedingly addictive and successful […]

New Public Playlists for Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 introduces some new game modes as well as change up some existing ones. The biggest change you’lll notice is the addition of Community Playlists. This is where we will add popular or unique private match modes to the public playlists, so you can start ranking up on them! The first playlist changes […]

‘Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land’ Screenshots and Release Date

After much chanting and summoning of dark forces, indie developer Red Wasp Design today announced that the stars will be right for the release of Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land on the 30th January 2012. To seal this pact with expectant gamers they have accompanied the date announcement with a slew of never-before released High-Definition […]

Skyrim soars past 10 million shipped copies

ZeniMax® Media Inc. today announced that 10 million units of Bethesda Softworks’® The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have been shipped for the Xbox 360® video game entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, and PC, representing approximately $650 million in retail sales since its release on November 11. The PC version of Skyrim in North America outsold all other […]

Croteam VS. Pirates… And giant Scorpions…

Digital Rights Management (or DRM for short) is, and have always been, a thorn in the sides of gamers. Having to verify your email, name, age, a DNA-scan and your blood type to play online, is not exactly something gamers enjoy… Yet to prevent pirates from pirating games, it’s the developers’ job to do so, […]

The Last of Us – Info

 You will control Joel throughout the game.  Adventure that revolves around the relationship between Ellie and Joel.  One player adventure. (No news of online mode – coop mode)  They’re show a scene in which Joel is teaching Ellie how to shoot a gun (but the Dogs said that they’re not sure if the scene will appear […]

New Trailer for Tales of Innocence R

The games showcased at the VGAs aren’t the only ones that got new trailers. Namco Bandai released a new video of Tales of Innocence R, that will be published in Japan on January the 26th for the PS Vita.

Mass Effect 3 trailer

Shepard mounts an attack against seemingly insurmountable odds in this trailer derived from gameplay footage for the Spike Video Game Awards 2011!

Team Fortress 2 Ships Holiday Update

Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (such as Half-Life and Counter-Strike) and leading technologies (such as Steam and Source), today announced the second annual holiday-themed “Australian Christmas” update, featuring two retro-futuristic “Dr. Grordbort” class packs for the Engineer and Pyro, designed by Weta Workshop’s Greg Broadmore.  In addition to the class packs, the update will also […]