BioWare Held Grand Tour for Kids with Cancer


Earlier this year, BioWare offered up a tour of the company’s studio as an auction item for the Kids with Cancer Society‘s Beaded Journey Gala. The “BioWare Experience” was sold off for $15,500, and as a result, a few of the program’s children were able to learn a bit about videogame creation, play some Star Wars: The Old Republic, and even design a texture for a Dragon Age character.

What resulted from this time with these kids with cancer is in the video above. Not only is it freaking adorable, it is hilarious to listen to the voices of these characters in a whole new light. Plus, some of these kids are actually better voice actors than actual voice actors! I personally would look forward to a mini DLC with these kids voice acting in it, and then the proceeds would go to their treatments. I think it’d be a grand idea, personally. Maybe if suggested, BioWare would actually do something like this? What do you think? Let us know!!

 BioWare Held Grand Tour for Kids with Cancer

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