Day in the Life: Endless Days


ren Day in the Life: Endless Days

This was a long delayed post from my first post about being a mom in the gaming industry. But as my daughter is growing older, and my interest in gaming, and writing these articles is growing stronger, life has been changing, and yet the world is still turning. I thought it was time for another article, to give you all an insight in the day of not only just myself, but many other people men and women a like! ‘Cause lets face it, it isn’t only women staying home taking care of the kiddos anymore.

Lets start off simple, my daughter is 17 months old now and becoming more independent but also more rambunctious than ever. Any parent knows that a child takes a lot of attention, and when it comes to a gaming parent with a kid it really cuts into “gaming time.” This has never been an issue for me, when my daughter is awake the only game I normally will take the time out to play is World of Warcraft, because I know with that game I can walk away in a split second, and be gone for xx amount of time and come back whenever without any issues. Where-as games like Call of Duty, Gears of War, and others it is a lot more difficult to just walk away from these games. I normally make sure I do not play these games unless she is napping or down for the night. What does this mean? It means I don’t game as much as I used to. Do I regret it? Hell no. But what do I do with all that spare time? Well, I follow my tornado of a daughter around the house and clean up after her. I do laundry, dishes, cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, take care of my dog, and of course change diapers, give baths… and the list continues!

The difference between myself and other gaming parents is writing for GamersHavenNews is my full-time job. I do not go to a job for 40 hours a week and then come home and do everything else. I respect the parents that can and do. My full-time job consists of everything listed above. Taking care of the house fully, taking care of my daughter, and writing gaming articles. Whenever I have time, I normally livestream on and of course do YouTube videos for my gaming channel. With everything listed above, there are times I won’t go to bed until 6 or even 7am and wake up within a few hours later to my daughter.

As a gamer, a child really can and does change your life. Does it make it impossible, though? No. I just wanted to give you guys an insight a small taste on what it is like. Not only for myself, but others out there as well. This is just a small taste of the day in the life of me. What are the differences in your life? Are you a parent? Not a parent? Working full-time, maybe even part-time? Feel free to give me an insight on your daily life as a gamer. Let us know your story. At the end of the day, I love my life. ♥ Thank you for reading, and I hope you all enjoy.

 Day in the Life: Endless Days

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I am a Mother, Gamer, Photographer, and Writer. I take on many roles, but they all mean the world to me. I love doing what I do, and I love meeting new people through it. ♥

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