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Square Enix is partnering with a smartphone social networking service Mobage for a new Final Fantasy game. The game is going to be titled Final Fantasy Brigade, and it is described as a cute, chibi-style 2D RPG with battle reminiscent of the older games in the series.

Friends will be able to team up with one another to fight monsters, travel the world to obtain new abilities and jobs, and also participate in airship battles! You can also count on a summoner job being available allowing you to be beckon old favorites like Bahamut and Odin.

While a beta will be launching on mobile devices soon and the game will become available towards the end of the month, there’s no word whether Final Fantasy Brigade will fly its fleet over to America. Would you be interested in seeing this game on your mobile device in America? Does it sound like something you would either spend money on, or even try and play? Let us know!

 Final Fantasy Social Game

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