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First Video Game Trade-In Price Comparison Engine Launched

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I wouldn’t say this is a first and it is also a UK site but it is still handy and is pretty accurate about trade in prices. CheapAssGamers has something similar (not as nice looking or as extensive) but still functional. This new system seems to have a ton more games and breaks things up by new, used and trade in and from our tests most of the prices are accurate to what we see in the states.

Video game fans can now not only see where to save money on buying games, but where they can make the most cash on unwanted games; as an online gaming marketplace has launched the UK’s first video game ‘trade-in’ price comparison engine.

The ‘trade-in price compare’, launched by, allows gamers to see where they can get the best deal on trading-in unwanted games; essentially pointing them towards the outlets that will pay them the most money for video games no longer needed.

The ‘trade-in’ engine on the site will also list the different means by which outlets will pay for games, as well as the payment timeframe; meaning gamers are given the full-picture on the trade-in deal they can expect to receive. currently gives trade-in options from several of the largest online video game retailers, including CEX, Swapgame, Music Magpie and Trade Your Games; meaning that site users are given the full picture of the trade deals available to them online.

As well as listing trade-in prices, aims to make video games as affordable as possible by offering site users the complete ‘pricing picture’. Visitors to the site searching for games are presented with price comparisons for both new and used versions of the game in question, and are also given the option to ‘swap’ their games via the site’s internal marketplace, which allows members of the site to trade games completely free of charge.

On top of this, the site also features a ‘pricing news’ section; where users of the site can upload deals they have seen on offer in-store. This acts as a unique means of alerting users to special deals that may otherwise not be seen in the price comparison tables. also has an accompanying Smartphone app, allowing users to scan-in games using a barcode scanner, where they will be presented with the best new, used or trade-in deals available for the game in question.

Currently, is the only site in the UK to offer a price comparison on trade-in deals for video games; offering gamers a one-stop destination to find the best prices available when buying, selling, swapping or trading-in games.

Simon Kilby, Founder of, commented on the launch of the trade-in comparison engine:

“We’re thrilled to have launched the trade-in price comparison aspect to the Playr2 site, as now we really feel that we are a one-stop destination for anyone wanting to find the best deals on new games, or make the most out of unwanted ones. Video games certainly aren’t cheap, and ensuring that you find the best deals when buying or selling is vital to anyone feeling the pinch this year.

“It’s not only important to clinch the cheapest deal on new games, but making sure that you make the most from unwanted games can really help close the gap on the prices you pay. Saving, and making, money from games can really help ease your finances; making the hobby much more affordable in the long run.”

 First Video Game Trade In Price Comparison Engine Launched

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