Gamer Loses 224 Playing Rock Band


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There is a gamer by the name of Marc Rodwell, who had been overeating on curry, pizza, and soda and had him literally breaking the scales at 36-stone, or over 500 pounds. He was even told that he would not live to see his 24th birthday. But then, he found the glorious world of Rock Band.

Harmonix’s rhythm game literally saved his life. Well, of course that and a better diet and some exercise. When he started playing Rock Band he started drumming and just never stopped, and through all of that he lost 224 pounds.

“On Rock Band you really work up a sweat. I play all the instruments but I especially think the drums have helped with my weight loss,” Rodwell told Daily Mail.

“I feel like a completely different person, I feel great.”

Sure, lifting weights and eating better make a difference, but Marc gives Rock Band a lot of the credit: “It sounds silly to say I play a game as an additional workout but you would be surprised how many calories you burn in two hours of drumming.”

“I feel amazing. I celebrate my 24th birthday in February so it will be a real milestone to reach that age.”

 Gamer Loses 224 Playing Rock Band

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