Gamers Girls ask the question, “What Kind of Player Are You?”


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A new YouTube video has surfaced and declared almost like a Public Service Announcement (PSA). The focus of the video is about “Gamer Girls” but it goes much deeper than that, especially if you actually pay attention to the over-all message of the video. You can watch the video below before continuing with the rest of the article.

In the video it is made clear that every gamer is just a gamer, no matter the gender. I know personally, when I am playing games I generally do not have a mic plugged in, and do not find the need to say I am a female by any means. Or if I do decide to talk there is always the question, “Are you a girl?” Of which, most of the time I do not answer. Just like it is said in this video, it does not matter. We are all here to game, and just have fun. Pwn together! The feeling behind this video is so much stronger than just about female gamers in general. If you pay attention the Gaming Community is filled with the most sexist, racist, and homophobic people than any other community. I mean, really think about it. There is always someone calling someone else a, “Fag” or asking a girl to either do something sexual, or make a sammich.

Of course, there are always the girls that feed into the attention and make it known that they are girls. Whether their ID is, “CuteGamerGirl” or something similar, they are always there just wanting attention. Flirting with the guys, and honestly lowering the ranks of other girls. ‘Cause lets face it, they make it seem like that is all female gamers are. But it isn’t even just about that. The guys who are assholes, the girls who are racist to people. They are bad on both sides. It isn’t just about the men doing things, I have run into some really asshole girls in my time in gaming as well. Which is why I don’t take this video directed purely at guys, but at girls as well.

“What kind of player are you?”

Are you the kind of player that will sit there and trash talk everyone, male or female? Or, do you only attack those of the opposite sex? Maybe even of the same sex? As mentioned before, I know there are some females out there who are complete bitches, and honestly will attack any other females if they hear them, or have a hint that they are a female. But, it is a two way street, guys and girls do it.

Either way, I feel this video needs to be looked at for the deep message in it. We are all gamers, we are all here to pwn and have fun. No matter what your gender, your race, or even your sexual preference. It does not matter. If you can pwn some people hardcore, or are great with objective… I want you on my team.

“What kind of player are you?”

Let us know what kind of player you are, and how you feel about this video. If you look at the comments on the YouTube video it has received a rather negative response, but I feel that is people not understanding the purpose of the video completely. But there are some negative connotations on the video that feed into it, such as the title of the video, “Gamer Girl Manifesto” and the channel in which it was uploaded on, “SexyNerdGirlPresents”… All of these make it a little harder to take the video seriously, but hopefully you can look past these unlike some people and actually listen to the actual message. Let us know what you think of the message, and what you think they are saying.

 Gamers Girls ask the question, What Kind of Player Are You?

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