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I am sure you may like to know what our Game of the Year is but to be honest there is no definitive answer to this because 2011 has been one of the greatest years in gaming that we have had in a while. There have been a good handful of games that are worthy of the title Game of the Year. The gaming community as a whole should be excited to see such a great year with so many games and even though we are all in debt from purchasing so many of these titles I am sure none of us regret it. Even if you say Skyrim is the game of the year I am sure we can find just as many people to say that Uncharted 3 or  Batman Arkham City or MW3 or BF3 or GoW3 or Assassin’s Creed Revelation or Bastion or SWTOR or Portal 2 or Skyward Sword or Trine 2 Or Deus EX or Catherine or El Shaddai or Dungeon Defenders deserve to be game of the year and there are even more options than I am willing to name.

So let us just crown 2011 as the best year in gaming in awhile for all of its glorious games as well as the tremendous rise of the indie industry and everything it has brought us (and the money it has tried to make us save)

Nevertheless we would love to hear what your favorite game of the year is and why.

 GamersHavenNews 2011 Game of the Year

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