Half-Life 3 Coming Soon?!


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As I have made it very clear in previous articles I am a huge fan of the Half-Life series and Valve in general. With a recent leak the website has been made known to me. But apparently so many are trying to visit this website that you only have about a 50% chance of actually seeing the website! Plus, when you click the image you are taken to another Valve website, which takes you to the Orange Box. Is this a hint? Gabe! We must know, the fans are dying… I am dying to know if Half-Life 3 is finally gonna happen! Or at least Half-Life 2: Episode 3… it must happen. How do you feel about this? Do you think Valve is trolling again? Or do you think it is finally going to happen?

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I always watch the commentaries through whenever I play the games (if you are a Half-Life fan you know you can play through the game with commentary bubbles everywhere and get an idea of what they were thinking at certain parts of the game). I remember clearly at one point they talked about doing a Black Mesa game before Episode 3. Is this going to be the Black Mesa game they were talking about? Considering the URL is Black Aperture? It is very possible! But, we won’t know until Gabe Newell makes a statement. But you better believe, I am going to be emailing him trying to get answers. Wish my luck!

 Half Life 3 Coming Soon?!

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