Indie Royale Debuts ‘Elfsquad7′

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 Indie Royale Debuts ‘Elfsquad7′

The Indie Royale Xmas Bundle has just been updated to include Stardock’s holiday themed Elfsquad7exclusively on PC, and a new Holdiay Gift option.

The Indie Royale Xmas Bundle is still available until December 26th so there is plenty of time to go grab it. Now is the optimal time as the recent additions make it a perfect gift for yourself and your friends. Elfsquad7 is fitting for the time of year not only in its theme, but also because it focuses on co-operative play; perfect for those get togethers. Family fun at its finest, Elfsquad7 has either one or two players on the same machine battling to save Santa from Kevin, the evil toy-building robot of the North. Elfsquad7 is also available on Xbox Live but is only available on PC through Indie Royale.

Included in the bundle are the Blackwell Trilogy, Eets, The Oil Blue and Dino D-Day, as well as some MP3′s and bonus content. Those who pay $10 or upwards for the Xmas Bundle will also receive Rush Coil’s ’8-Bit Christmas’ chiptune album as a bonus! All of the games are redeemable on Steam and Desura, except Dino D-Day is Steam only, and The Oil Blue is only available on Desura.

 Indie Royale Debuts ‘Elfsquad7′

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