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To start out I am a huge role playing game fan. I enjoy Dungeons and Dragons and various other board games such as Mansions of Madness. So when I saw that King Arthur II was a roleplaying War-game I was very intrigued. I figured it would be a cross with Skyrim or Neverwinter Nights and any game from the Total War series. Needless to say I wasn’t completely wrong in my assumptions. But first let us explain what the game is.

Well known are the legends of the young Arthur, who pulled the enchanted sword from the stone, united the war-torn land of Britannia, and gathered the Knights of the Round Table under his banner. That story ended with Arthur securing peace in Camelot, aided by the might of the Holy Grail – and it is here that our own gruesome tale begins…

King Arthur II is a Role-playing Wargame, or, in other words, a unique blend of RPGs and strategy games. The gameplay on the Campaign Map is turn-based and the battles are huge real-time assaults, where you can focus on choosing the right tactics in the heat of the battle.

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The game essentially plays out like a giant choose your own adventure book that has the ability really draws you in with its deep stories and various story options. The roleplaying in this game is among the best in its genre not only because there are so many options but because the story is filled with meaning, legends, greed, love, hatred and lore. The way the story unfolds and is told truly makes this game stand out in the sea of similar titles. Combine the story with its rather magical environments and music and you have something that you can truly get lost in.

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The game also has many interesting mechanics such as character progression, equipment, leader alignment (benevolent or tyrannical) and religious affiliation (Christianity or “Old Ways”) which open up new options and challenges, as well as dictate which kinds of skills and spells will be available for your armies. While you are on the world map the game acts like a turn based game gives you access to everything mentioned above and this is where you will travel, manage cities/armies/heroes and start events. Each turn is a new season and with each season comes advantages and disadvantages which I will not be getting into until our review. But while a player is in this world map view they will decide what is most important to them and how they will go about achieving their goals.

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The other giant part of the game is its battles which are reminiscent of table-top war games, with multiple types of terrains such as elevated mountaintops and narrow valleys which will greatly impact your unit efficiency, which will change your battlefield strategy on the fly. Along with a number of different types of units and skills will surely make these battles very entertaining and thought provoking. One may not simply be able to charge at the enemy and succeed because the AI is rather smart and enjoys poking at your weak spots and it will not hesitate to take you out as quickly as possible.

This may be an unknown title for many but it is a title that any RPG player, RTS player or even someone who enjoys stories can really enjoy. Release date: 10th of January, 2012

 King Arthur II   Preview

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