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For those waiting for The Consul’s Car DLC for LA Noire on the Xbox 360, you’ll have a very long wait. According to Rockstar Games, via Twitter, the Consul’s Car is only be available for Xbox with LA Noire:  The Complete Edition. Playstation 3 owners were able to solve the crime earlier as it was released on the disc at release date. So for those that haven’t picked up one of my favorite games of the year, make sure you spend the extra cash and buy the Complete Edition, which is… complete.

The reasoning for this could be that The Consul’s Car was originally commissioned by Sony North America according to a Rockstar Newswire Article from July. ( However, at that time Rockstar said they were trying to bring the case to the XBL Marketplace. Seems like we’re out of luck for now. 

The Complete Edition is now available for PC, Xbox 360, and the Playstation 3.

 LA Noires Consuls Car


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