kitty plays duck hunt

Slice of the Internet: Episode One


This is going to be as often as I find little internet goodies like this. Depending if I find a lot or a little in one day or week then I might do a video compilation of the videos/images, or even web pages that I feel were a Slice of the Internet for that day/week. I hope you enjoy the video above! I thought it was too adorable to pass-up… plus, there is something about a dog snickering at a little kitten trying to get the ducks that I find just a little too sweet.

Tell me what you think of these little episodes. But also, if you find anything that you feel would make a good episode of Slice of the Internet (preferably dealing with games in some form) then leave a comment on the latest episode and let me know about it!

 Slice of the Internet: Episode One

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