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  •  You will control Joel throughout the game.
  •  Adventure that revolves around the relationship between Ellie and Joel.
  •  One player adventure. (No news of online mode – coop mode)
  •  They’re show a scene in which Joel is teaching Ellie how to shoot a gun (but the Dogs said that they’re not sure if the scene will appear in the final version of the game or not).
  •  A game centred in the relation of the two main characters (Joel & Ellie) and not on the infected.
  •  Face animations and expressions will be done by hand.
  •  It is still not known which is the relation between the protagonists.
  •  In order to add more tension, more realism and nerve to the cinematics, it is being tried to imitate a style of “camera in hand” , something that we already saw with spectacular results in the film “Children of the Men”.
  •  It will be a game less linear than Uncharted, with exploration elements.
  •  Ellie will be played by actress Ashley Johnson.
  •  Narrative which promises to be especially careful, very ambitious, and revolutionary.
  •  We have a third enemy other than the infected & other survivors: Mother Nature.


 The Last of Us   Info

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