Valve Crushes Half-Life 3 rumors


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Of late there have been a ton of Half-Life 3  rumors and Valve’s writer Chet Faliszek has stepped forward to crush all of your dreams. Everything we have been hearing is falsed and we are just being trolled. But I can understand why there has been so much hype around this whole topic especially when valve loves their ARGs and secrets.

“You are being trolled. There is no ARG,” he said. “Wheatley’s speech was set in Portal 2 fiction — that is all. There has been no directive from Gabe to leak anything. That is all false. I just want to say this so there is no confusion. This is the community trolling the community nothing more. While it is nice to see people excited about anything HL, I hate seeing people be trolled like this.”


Source: Destructoid

 Valve Crushes Half Life 3 rumors

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