Vita UMD Passport, Software Pricing and US Commercial

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First off above is a very straight forward and easy to follow commercial about the PS Vita… I say this because the Japanesse commercials are a little weird… Anyways on to the real news.

The UMD Passport which allows you to access to downloads of all your UMD-based PSP games at launch has somewhat changed in the amount of titles at launch as well as some prices have emerged. Giant Bomb has a really great article that goes further in depth about the UMD Passport and is really worth the read.

Sony posted the list of games available at launch in Japan, including 262 games from publishers like Atlus, Nippon Ichi, Acquire, Kaga Create, Alchemist, Tecmo Koei, and SNK. As of now, no games from major publishers like Square Enix, Capcom, EA, Namco Bandai, Sega, or Konami are available for download. Sony does say elsewhere that other publishers, including all those, are “planning” to support the program.

The “discounted” prices for UMD owners to get Vita-playable downloads of their games range from ¥500 ($6.44) to ¥1,500 ($19.38), with one pachislot title as a ¥2,400 ($31) outlier.

But on a much better note software pricing may vary on the PS Vita because Sony realizes that it is “foolish and naïve to ignore what’s happening” in the smartphone sector. Especially with pricing and how affordable most mobile games are.

“It’s our challenge to ensure that the gaming experience that we provide is closer to that TV console experience than it is to your 69p thing that you’ve downloaded on your iPhone,” he added.

“If we do that and we provide great value to the consumer on games like Uncharted, I think the possibility to sustain historic console type price points is there.”

So we may see multiple price points for various games from download only, retail copy and for both. I am also pretty positive that we will see different game prices depending on the publisher. But we will see what the prices of everything is and from where we stand right now it is looking to be overpriced…

 Vita UMD Passport, Software Pricing and US Commercial

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