Square Enix to bring Scarygirl to XBLA and PSN

An action/platformer based on Nathan Jurevicius’ graphic novel Scarygirl will land on XBLA and PSN later this month. Developed by Tikgames and published by Square Enix, Scarygirl will hit the Xbox 360 on January 18, and will follow on the PS3 on January 24. You will be able to play as a girl who is […]

Hacked on Xbox

Microsoft’s customer service is almost legendary in terms of how awful it is, but one woman in particular may have unlocked the Master Sword of incompetence. Susan Taylor awoke one day to find that her Xbox Live account was hacked, and $214.97 of MS Points had been purchased and transferred out. Microsoft would do all […]

EA unable to gain rights to SSX.com

EA, in an attempt to gain ownership of SSX.com ahead of the series’ February relaunch, challenged Abstract Holdings International LTD’s claim on the address, saying that the URL was registered in “bad faith.” A panel at The National Arbitration Forum, however, has determined that EA’s argument was insufficient. “The EA allegations of bad faith in […]

Shank 2 Uncut Gameplay

Shank 2 Uncut Gameplay Clip Jan 5 2012 from Jamie Cheng on Vimeo.

Steam Sees 100 Percent Growth in 2011

Valve says that Steam has enjoyed 100 percent growth in 2011, marking the seventh consecutive year the digital retail and distribution platform has doubled its sales. In 2011 Steam’s catalogue of titles grew to 18,000 titles and its user base grew to over 40 million. The company also claimed that 780 Petabytes of data was […]

Miyamoto Developing New, Original Title

The creator of Super Mario Bros. and the Legend of Zelda says he’s developing a brand new title. Speaking in an interview with Zoomin.tv, Shigeru Miyamoto says he’s developing an undisclosed tile in addition to the previously announced Pikmin 3 for Wii U. “People have come to expect a lot from me. This certainly makes […]

South Park: The Game looks like South Park: The Show

THQ has recently released some new screens and artwork for Obsidian’s unlikely RPG, South Park: The Game. You’ll also notice that, unlike past software efforts, this game actually resembles the show to a near identical degree. Although, it is not exactly the hardest to create, it really adds to the value of the game and […]

Almost too late for PAX East Passes

If you intend on going to Boston for the Penny Arcade Expo East, and you have not bought your passes yet… I’d advise you no longer wait! Mike Krahulik has posted on Penny Arcade that 90% of 3-day passes have been scarfed up despite the event falling on Easter weekend. They are also cracking down […]

Vote on AMY’s Final Price

Yesterday, a survival horror game AMY was announced and gamers completely fell in love. Then, out of all of the attention it got (including here on GH) someone noticed that the game was going to be 800 Microsoft points, which is about $10, but on the Playstation version it was going to be $12.99, after […]

2011 Game Developers Choice nominees announced

The 12th annual Game Developers Choice Awards nominees were announced today, providing nods to some of last year’s greatest games. Three studios shared a tie for the most nominations: Bethesda for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Valve for Portal 2, and newcomer Supergiant Games for Bastion. Skyrim and Portal 2 received five nominations each, while […]


AMY is the newest addition to the horror-survival genre and it promises to be a disturbingly, fascinating game. The story takes place in 2034. A series of natural disasters and diseases have destroyed the world. Global warming is in full effect and a comet landing near Silver City has caused a particularly strange illness. Lana […]

Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer is enthusiastic about Moogles

Everyone always wants more Moogles, there is nothing wrong with more Moogles in a Final Fantasy game. Well, Square Enix said, “You want more Moogles? Alright. You’ve got them.” Enjoy.

Mojang Take ‘Cube World’ Developer Under Their Wing

Wolfram von Funck (Wollay), is the developer of a voxel-based multiplayer RPG which is currently in the works under the project name, ‘Cube World’. Since getting attention from the media and applauds all around (from here at GH as well) Cube World has managed to catch the eyes of the guys over at Mojang who […]

Gotham City Impostors Delayed

Gotham City Impostors has been delayed. It had been set to release on January 10th, but now gamers can expect to suit up like their favorite super heroes sometime in February. In case you don’t already know, Gotham City Impostors is a downloadable title from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment. It’s being released on the […]

The Darkness 2 Pre-Order Bonus on Steam

The Darkness 2 is available for pre-order on Steam for $49.99. When you pre-order it you will get a free upgrade to the limited edition. But, keep in mind that 2k Games is offering this same deal to all pre-orders, from any retailer. So, over-all it makes the limited edition… not so limited.