‘BackWorlds’ Needs Funding, Free Playable Demo to Win you Over


backworlds screen512 BackWorlds Needs Funding, Free Playable Demo to Win you Over

There is a small yet charming team behind the game, Backworlds, a genuinely fresh puzzle platformer. They just so happen to be asking for some funding over on IndieGoGo and to help convince you of the game’squality they have provided a free playable demo.

In the game you play as a weird little creature who can move, jump, push, and even pull things. Like general characters in most games, of course. That is about it when it comes to what he can do, though. However, you can also control a brush with the mouse and it is with this that the game becomes something more than just another puzzle platformer. The brush lets you paint, no in color, but in different worlds. A back world and a front world to be precise. It is the between the two worlds which pertains to the game’s surprisingly clever design. With the ability to paint the worlds in any way you want adds a whole other level to the gameplay when compared to other games that simply let you switch between two different worlds on the fly. With this game you can easily add one portion of the world in one spot, and have the rest of the world the same. To put it short, it can merge to worlds for your efforts in solving these puzzles.

But don’t let me convince you, watch the trailer below and tell me what you think of it after you watch it!

As mentioned above, the developers are looking for funding so that they have the free time to be able to expand the game with more features. More backworld mechanics, interactive objects, carryable objects, and collectibles will be put in. More levels and bonus levels with new environments and the storyline will be worked on too! Achievements an “arcade” mode, and a public level editor is also planned. They say they will have many more ideas further down the line as well.

Before you decide to make an opinion, go download the demo! You can download the free demo of Backworlds directly from the following links, just choose Windows or Mac. Whichever one you actually have. I hope to see your opinions on this game soon, but also don’t forget to check out Backworlds official website, and show some support if you like it! Once you check out the demo, come back here and let us know your opinions on it.

 BackWorlds Needs Funding, Free Playable Demo to Win you Over

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