Blizzard Admits their Mistake with Cataclysm


world of warcraft pandaria Blizzard Admits their Mistake with Cataclysm
As many of the World of Warcraft players are aware, the story with Cataclysm was rather linear. You moved from place to place, and really had no urge to roam around and really go outside of the needed quests, or areas. Well, Blizzard recognized it, and they are willing to recognize their mistake in this issue. They worked so hard on changing everything, and to have everything run smoothly that they just let the quest line and the urge to roam, flop. Now that they recognized this issue they plan to make Mists of Pandaria better, as says the community manager Nik Gianozakos briefly explained on the official forums:

That was an error we made with the design of Cataclysm, but getting players invested in the world again is something we’re interested in addressing with Mists.

World of Warcraft player or not, do you think this is something they will follow through with? Blizzard has been known for their good customer service, and listening to the community. So, do you think that Mists of Pandaria is going to be different, and better? I for one, and rather hopeful. To this day, I still play World of Warcraft, and I hope that the story line makes me want to roam compared to just rushing through areas to get it over and done with. Let us know what you think is going to happen, and what you are looking forward to most with Mists of Pandaria and the least as well.

 Blizzard Admits their Mistake with Cataclysm

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