Free First Person Survival Horror ‘Black Seed’ Teaser


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Creepy Brain have released the first teaser for their first person survival horror game, Black Seed, it has also been announced that the game will be released for free whenever it is actually completed!

A character wakes up in a hotel room with no memory of who he is, or what has led him to this place. Soon, he understands that he is alone and isolated in the neighborhood of a city which he cannot escape. As the dead rise, he will have to make every effort to ensure his survival. That is the premise on which Black Seed has been pitched, and from the sounds of it… it sounds interested! A first person survival horror plus some zombies? Or, maybe it is ghosts… or something else entirely. Either way, I am sure it is bound to leave the player feeling rather vulnerable. The team behind it seem pretty competent at least, and they are headed by Maximilian Bertrand who came up with the idea and specializes in 3D models as you can see on his official website. Jeremy “Whiskas” Vasseurone specializes in sound, and Rémi “Dretz” Telenczak is the coder for the mysterious “Sake” who is in charge of animation and character design.

Alongside the introduction of themselves and their game, the team also had a teaser trailer to show me and get my juices flowing. Unfortunately there is no gameplay as you can usually expect from a teaser, but it gives you a good, creepy vibe – the usual “torture chair” being the most iconic signifier of what’s to come. The game is also being built in the Unreal Engine 3 too, so it has the potential to shape up well.

The best thing about Black Seed though, apart from being a first person survival horror, is that it will be released for free. The bad news is that the team have only been working on the game for five months and have only finished preparations and only now start to get down to it. Consequently, Creepy Brain have said that they won’t have the first playable version ready until 2013. At this point, I would normally point you in the direction of their website to show some support and keep an eye on the project, but unfortunately there is no website yet. But we will try and update this the moment there is.

 Free First Person Survival Horror Black Seed Teaser

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