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Microsoft’s customer service is almost legendary in terms of how awful it is, but one woman in particular may have unlocked the Master Sword of incompetence. Susan Taylor awoke one day to find that her Xbox Live account was hacked, and $214.97 of MS Points had been purchased and transferred out. Microsoft would do all in its power to help. Or rather, help the hackers get away with it.

At first everything went somewhat sensibly. Susan notified Microsoft and PayPal, and they logged the complaint. After giving out a complimentary thirty-day Xbox Live code, Microsoft promised the victim that her now unobtainable Xbox Live account would be frozen so that nobody could use it. Naturally, this didn’t happen — the account wasn’t blocked and another $124.98 was stolen.

Taylor called customer service once more and demanded answers, only to be told, “The fraud department was unable to close your account.” When pressed for a reason, she got, “I don’t know,” and was advised to keep trying to log into her account. Because when a hacker changes your password, that’s the sensible thing to do.

To say the VERY least, the story continues to get crazier. If you want to read what exactly happened, and even other victim’s stories you can visit her blog right HERE and read it for yourself. For those of you who are unaware, my Xbox account had been hacked some months ago and I waited 2 months to get my account back. Something that should have taken much less time. But due to Microsoft’s team, I feel like they wanted to avoid the issue all together. You’ll see a lot more insight when it comes to not only reading the blog, but other’s experiences to know that these Fraud teams don’t really do their job 100% as they should be doing them.

 Hacked on Xbox

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