Kingdoms of Amalur Quests Hidden Behind Online Pass

As you can see in the picture above, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has an Online Pass. We were all aware of this considering the Mass Effect tie-in armor, but what we were not aware of they are holding 7 quests as ransom as well. For a single-player game to require an Online Pass to receive 7 more quests is a bit outrageous. It is unfortunate that these Single-Player games are starting to throw online passes around.

When single-player games start throwing around online passes it really starts throwing around the wrong message as well. With an online pass it makes it seem like the company is not confident in their own work to make people want to keep the game. So, to make up for that, they require an online pass to get more of the content that you should have gotten from the beginning. Especially when it comes to quests that are supposed to be apart of the single-player experience from the beginning. If you are a single-player gamer, or especially enjoy games that just happen to have a great story, how do you feel about them doing this? Do you feel like they are just trying to make people spend more money to keep their game? Sure, maybe these quests aren’t anything and not worth getting an online pass. To be honest, how many people are going to be curious of this quest line, though and what it can possible offer?

As previously mentioned it seems like EA does not seem like the game is worth keeping by throwing this online pass on the game. But, the game might actually be worth keeping! It is just unfortunate that the message they are giving is a bit of a negative one by tacking this online pass onto a single-player game. But, let us know what you think of this! What kind of message does it give to you? Do you think it is a good move to bring more people in to get these extra quests? Or do you think it gives a bit of a negative message over-all?

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