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Bow Enchantments

Enchantments were introduced not long after the 1.8 adventure update. Until now the enchantments have been limited to melee weapons and pick axes, but no more! Now you can make your ranged combat better with a host of enchantments aimed at picking off those pesky Creepers from a distance.

Golden Apple recipe

Ah, the infamous Golden Apple. Before now this has only been available via creative mode, mods and if you’re super lucky as a random spawn in a dungeon chest. Now though you can craft your very own super powered apple. Guaranteed to make you win at  Minecraft*

*Guarantee not valid

New language translations

Sprechen sie deutsch? Parlez-vous-Francais? Habla Espanol? So does Minecraft!

Slightly smoothed color transitions between biomes

This is a slight tweak to the way biomes are formed, specifically those transitional phases between two biomes. Now instead of a sharp change in color pallet the world will blend the biomes together for a seamless transition!

Reduced brewing time to 20 seconds

Cooking has never been so easy, nor has making potions for that matter. Remember all those times you needed to brew something in a hurry? Well if that happened now you wouldn’t have died….

Added spawn eggs to creative (the colors of the eggs even look like the mobs)

The new eggs featured in creative mode allow for much easier mob spawning. There are specific eggs for each mob, made distinctive by the pattern on the egg. We’re not going to tell you which is which, we’ll let you accidentally spawn Creepers until you get it right.

Added world type options (currently only super-flat and default)

This is one of the more exciting features of the 1.1 update, now when your forming a world you have the option of creating a super-flat world. The advantage of this option is, at the moment, mainly aimed at the creative sorts. No more clearing the environment so you have a flat surface in which to build your masterpiece! Hopefully this idea will get furthered and we’ll see more world types to choose from in future.

Removed collision box from ladders

Just a small fix, nothing to see here. Move along.

Sheep eat grass and regain their wool

No longer will you have to hunt down mobs of sheep for all your woolen needs, now you just need to trap one mob and force-feed them grass so they can re-grow their wool. What’s that? Animal rights you say? This isMinecraft, animal rights don’t exist.

Plus many bug fixes!

Honestly there weren’t many bugs with the 1.0 release, which makes perfect sense given the development schedule and model, but it’s nice to see that Jens is still thinking of the little guy.

 Minecraft 1.1 Update Notes and Video

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