Mojang has 3 new games in the works


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Manneh from Mojang stated that the first project is something that Markus “Notch” Persson is working on, but it is not very far into development considering the developer is taking a little break currently. “What it is today, I don’t think he knows himself,” said Manneh. “We certainly don’t. It’s probably going to be a lot of testing and playing around to see what works.” So, as of right now the first project seems like an utter mystery. Looks like we won’t know anything until Notch comes back from taking his break.

Manneh said the other two projects will help establish Mojang as a brand, and help the firm get away from the perceived reliance on Notch. “I think Notch will always be the fixed star over a long period of time, because he’s Notch,” he said. “But we don’t look at it that way — he gets a lot of attention, but other people in the company do too. So it’s not something we’re actively concerned about.”

I think that comes with the new games we’re creating. They will have a big impact on Mojang over the next year. I can’t talk about them, because we have NDAs with companies.

As it seems, they want to bring some other people into the spotlight at Mojang, which is more than understandable. Notch has been a great figure in Mojang, and will continue to be. But, I can definitely see their concern in people just thinking about Notch whenever they think about Mojang, rather than the company as a whole.

Manneh stated that Mojang would like to be “very transparent” with the public regarding their current development slate. Just in case they can’t fall through with a plan that they are aiming to. What are your opinions of them keeping their projects secret? Is it something you’d like to see what they have in store? Or are you excited to see what they plan on doing? In the long-run do you think it is good they are trying to make Mohang to be a brand? But also, the big question here is, do you think they will be successful in making Mojang a brand, compared to everyone thinking of Notch the moment Mojang is mentioned. Let us know your opinions, and if you think they will be successful in this.

 Mojang has 3 new games in the works

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