Mojang Take ‘Cube World’ Developer Under Their Wing


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Wolfram von Funck (Wollay), is the developer of a voxel-based multiplayer RPG which is currently in the works under the project name, ‘Cube World’. Since getting attention from the media and applauds all around (from here at GH as well) Cube World has managed to catch the eyes of the guys over at Mojang who have since decided to hire its developer.

The much-famed Minecraft lead man, Marcus “Notch” Persson said of the arrangement: “Our current plan is to plug his brain directly to a keyboard and sell whatever comes out.”

Although the statement sounds a bit off, their intentions are good. Notch even stated on Twitter:

Yeeah, we just hired @wol_lay, the man making Cube World ( Cube World unaffected, still his private game.

So, it looks like Wollay is going to be able to stick with what he wants to do best with his game, but with a strong backing with Mojang at his side and surely all the fans that follow with Minecraft. I know I am personally very excited to see the steps that are taken with Cube World, and I wait eagerly to see what comes out of this man next.

If you aren’t sure what Cube World is, check out one of the videos here and enjoy thoroughly!

 Mojang Take Cube World Developer Under Their Wing

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