New Prototype 2 Screenshots, Artwork and New Characters

Activision released a large batch of new screenshots  and artwork of Prototype 2, that will be released on April 24th in North America and April the 27th in Europe.

They also introduced four new characters that will add more color to the cast of the game. You can check them and the screenshots out beyond the cut:

Sabrina Galloway:

Sabrina Galloway is the youngest ever CFO of Gentek. A quick learner with political savvy, she climbed the corporate ladder at a staggering pace and now holds an extremely powerful position.

Colonel Rooks:

Col. Rooks is the elite Blackwatch officer in charge of the NYZ operation.  He is Heller’s main Blackwatch adversary, though he is not in charge of Blackwatch/Gentek.

Doctor Koenig:

Doctor Koenig is the chief virologist at Gentek.  He oversees every single major Gentek project and is privy to the darkest of secrets within all of Gentek’s operations.

Lieutnant Clint Riley:

Lieutenant Clint Riley is Colonel Rooks’ personal aid and second-in-command in the NYZ operation. He has served in Blackwatch since the events of the first outbreak.

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