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If you play League of Legends at all (voted Game of the Year by PC Gamer for 2010), you know that Riot as a company is fairly transparent when it comes to who is working there. Many of their employees are very active in the community, on a level almost unheard of in any other game. Most players could name at least five members of the Riot staff without blinking an eye. We see them commentating, posting summoner showcases, streaming, and we follow them on twitter and facebook. At events, they will go out to bars and hang out with the players. Generally speaking, they have a great relationship with the community of players they work for.

As a streamer myself, I find their activity within the community very nice, and it always leaves a good feeling when you see a company like this so willing to interact with the fans.

Last night, one of the Riot staff, @RiotRara, had a post about her put on the League of Legends forum (Viewed here). The post, titled [email protected] You really need an attitude check” slammed Rara, who was doing a live stream of LoL games. She angered a number of viewers by tabbing in and out during champion (character) select, thereby resulting in a less than ideal team comp and a loss for the team in a ranked match.

Now, we all make mistakes, true, but the fact that her attitude was so negative throughout the match is what really bothered me. For example, “Wow I wish this game was over.” “Few more minutes until surrender” “It wasn’t my fault, it was the bad communication.” “Report me, REPORT ME!” If Riot employees are supposed to uphold the Summoner’s Code and show a positive attitude; regardless, if they are losing or the team comp is bad, then why is Rara the exception? Yes, it may have been her personal stream and she can do whatever she wants […]

Although it is her personal stream, when you work for a company like Riot you are expected some kind of professionalism. Especially when the community knows who you are, and they are aware of how much of a community impact you really are. This kind of out-burst and reaction reflects not only on her as a person, but it reflects poorly on the company as well, especially since they are so community based. We all have our bad days, and we all definitely get frustrated. But if you’re not going to uphold the standards of your company, then it is probably not only in your best interests, but in your company’s interests as well, to not stream it to to thousands of people.

The level of scrutiny an employee of a company is put under for doing something wrong is 100x more extreme than any average player doing it. Something she obviously didn’t realize. That’s how you lose respect in the eyes of the community. When the community turned on her, she went to her IRC chat and vented (Screenshot here). Unfortunately for her, she again didn’t think before she typed, and said of the whole ordeal, “people are douching 24/7”. Not the best response, and again in a public venue.

One player even went to say, “The reds (Riot Staff) are avoiding this topic like the plague.” It was a while before there was any response, but at least it came from Rara herself.

I would like to take a moment to discuss the situation described in this thread. Firstly, there was poor communication all around during champion select. I was reading Reddit, tabbing in and out while waiting for my teammates to pick and also waiting for my turn. During that time, another teammate mistakenly picks the wrong champion for a swap leaving me confused. I also failed pick Amumu forgetting we had Shaco.

Overall, the poor communication during champion select didn’t carry on into the game and we did our best as a team to adapt to the situation. But at the end of the game, I received responses from a stream viewer. After over a year of streaming, I let this one viewer get to me, and on top of that, I reacted poorly to the situation, by speaking in a wrong tone during my live-stream and saying a few things I shouldn’t have said.

I want to extend my sincerest apology to my teammates for contributing to the overall communication failure during champion select. I also want to apologize for my actions considering I let my emotions get to me resulting in me handling the situation in a less than ideal way. In retrospect, I could have handled things better, and I will do so in the future.

Happy New Year!

To say the least, this is one of those apologies that makes it seem like she only apologized because she got caught and it was the right thing to do. But, at least she apologized, and since then the thread was soon closed by another staff member.

Do I feel like she should be punished for this? Maybe not the action of what happened in the stream, but do I feel she needs to be approached and something happen for her reactions there after? Yes. The actions she held went badly not only against herself, but the company she works for (Riot). I think the damage was done a little more past an, “I’m sorry,” can fix. Especially considering how much the community cares and trusts those that they talk to regularly in Riot. Hopefully, it does not do more damage than that, though. What do you guys feel about what happened? Do you feel she should be punished? If so, in what manner? If not, then why? Let us know in the comments below!

 Riot Games: Think Before You Stream

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