Boondock Saints Game Coming

A video game based on the 90s cult classic The Boondock Saints is in development from developer Critical Mass Interactive. The developer is known for pinch-hitting on aspects of various projects, so this licensed game will be its first shot at spear-heading a game itself.

Joystiq reports that the rumors began when various cast members announced they would be in attendance at SXSW Interactive to make a game announcement. It was then confirmed by theCritical Mass site, which announced it had gained the license to the film. More details are likely to be shared at SXSW, which begins March 9.

Critical Mass’ portfolio includes art for Epic Mickey, audio for Tabula Rasa, and programming forRift.

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5 Responses to “Boondock Saints Game Coming”

Brainjuicer says:

I like the Boondock Saints, but they kind of missed the boat quite a few years ago. I also don’t see it translating into a very good game.

I love the movies so much. I really hope they do not make it another one of those bad game renditions of movies otherwise I am going to be highly disappointed.

Plum says:

Mmmm if they have the same actors I’ll be in heaven.

Harrison L. says:

Another Boondocks game? Because the iOS one was super fantastic.

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