Gamers Haven Steam Group Giveaway!

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ghnsteam Gamers Haven Steam Group Giveaway!

If you don’t know already, Gamers Haven has their own group on Steam, and we would love all GHN fans to join. The point of joining? Well we’ll post announcements to keep you updated on giveaways, streaming, and possibly set up some game nights so writers and readers can game together! Plus you love us that much to join right?

Since we want you to be a part of the awesomeness that is our Steam group, we’re going to give you an extra little incentive. We have here, three lovely Steam games to give you. All you have to do is join the Steam group, leave a comment on the announcement for this giveaway telling us why you enjoy reading Gamers Haven News, and tell us which of the three games you would like to win. Pretty simple! There will be three winners, chosen at random ( or maybe even for having the best comment), one for each game. Remember, you have to leave a comment or you won’t be entered to win!

The three games that you can win,for practically doing nothing but showing your support, are:

theball Gamers Haven Steam Group Giveaway!

wasteland Gamers Haven Steam Group Giveaway!

xotic Gamers Haven Steam Group Giveaway!

We appreciate all readers of Gamers Haven News, and love giving you opportunities such as this one to keep on gaming!

 Gamers Haven Steam Group Giveaway!


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