Pre-Order The Indie Royale Valentine’s Bundle

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Show yourself some love and pre-order the Indie Royale Valentine’s Bundle. What is in it? You don’t get to know! As with most of the Indie Royale bundles, when you’re pre-ordering you’re blindly buying games for the sake of  hoping that they know what they’re doing and you’re going to like the games you get. You don’t have to be completely blind though. They’re nice enough to give you a slight hint as to what the games will entail:

The games offered this time include a fantastical first-person action-adventure game (Steam for PC), an IGF-nominated puzzle adventure title (Steam for PC and Mac, Desura for PC and Linux, DRM-free PC, Mac and Linux download), a ‘scorching’ single and multiplayer arcade-strategy game (Steam for PC and Mac), and a world premiere on PC for a pair of retro RPG-defense games (Desura for PC, DRM-free PC download).

The benefit to pre-ordering is you get access to the games the moment the bundle launches, can lock in the lowest price before the average increases (as more people buy, the price goes up!), and for this bundle you receive as a bonus One Life Left’s eclectic ‘Music To Play Games By Too’ compilation, available for the first time ever digitally (this bonus is also available to those who pay more than the minimum price during the bundle).

You can go here to lock in your pre-order now, and don’t be afraid to pay more than the minimum!

 Pre Order The Indie Royale Valentines Bundle


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