It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This Perler Bead Art.

Now before you run away at the weird word of “perler bead art”, you should really take a look at what it entails. Perler beads are little small colorful beads that can be arranged to make images, and melted together to make sure the image stays together. What this means for video game fans is that you can have images of your favorite video game characters in bead form! They can be used for pins, magnets, keychains, and almost anything you can think of really, they’re quite versatile.

There’s an awesome little shop called WarpWhistle that makes these perler bead images for you. The owner Ashley specializes in making video game sprites in all different types of classic video game characters. There’s adorable Mario mushroom key chains available in different colors, a flying Goomba magnet, Zelda coasters, and even a Mario/Luigi perler bead note pad. If there’s a specific sprite you’d like, or something you’d like specifically done with one such as you want it to be a magnet or key chain, do not hesitate to message the owner and they’ll gladly create it for you if they can.

All of WarpWhistle’s products are sold at an amazing price. The little keychains are only $2.00, and the magnets run at around $5-8. You also get a free bonus with every purchase. This bonus is a mystery though, so you’ll have to buy something to find out!


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