Minecraft Horrors Come True!


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For those who are unaware, or have not kept up in the Minecraft news you might not know that Jens Bergensten has alleviated Markus “Notch” Persson from his Minecraft duties. Ever since this has happened he has been quite creative. He recently revealed on his Twitter account that the next update of Minecraft will allow zombies to be able to break down the doors to your homes.

Up until now, constructing your little hobbit hole, or your first house was a shortcut to safety within Minecraft. Every little nasty critter that appeared at night were easily repelled by sturdy walls. But as many of you know it is so much easier to roam through your homes when they have doors as opposed to breaking blocks and placing every time you choose to go through.

But here’s the thing! You don’t need to be too scared just yet. The zombies can only break down the wooden doors and they can only do it on the hard and hardcore difficulty settings, as Jens revealed in this tweet.

This is the second reveal Jens has given away now for the update that he is working on for Minecraft. The first reveal was in a previous tweet that said, “Default world height is likely to be increased in the future” and it came with the picture below:

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Some of you may be wondering how Notch is feeling about these changes that Jens is implementing. Well, look no further! He actually seems rather happy with Jens’ actions as he stated in this tweet: “I am terribly excited about how @jeb_ is doing things to Minecraft I was cautious of doing. This is exactly what the game needs now.”

But do you agree with Notch in this expect? He could be right, adding a little more exciting events such as a zombie coming bashing through your doors in the harder settings, hopefully there will be other neat additions to come with this update as well to possibly add with how they bash through your doors exactly. Or maybe even ways to prevent a zombie invasion in your house such as traps. What is your opinion on this update, though? Do you feel it is a good idea, or does the thought of a zombie bashing through your door do nothing more than horrify you? Let us know!

 Minecraft Horrors Come True!

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