Orcs Must Die! Dev Robot Entertainment Working On New Games

In a blog post titled “12 things to expect from Robot Entertainment in 2012,” the developer wrote:

New Games – We’re currently hard at work on new, unannounced games (yes, plural!). You’re going to hear about them this year.

More Free Content – We have an incredibly loyal community, and we love to give back to them as often as we can. Last year we gave PAX booth visitors a free costume for Orcs Must Die! and we gave all of our newsletter subscribers the Dark Elves team for Hero Academy absolutely free. Watch for more free content for our devoted fans in 2012.

Yes that means more great content from Robot Entertainment will be coming out this year. We are not quite sure as to what it is yet but the devs have an excellent track record of making amazing games, so we look forward to seeing what they produce. Also if you are going to PAXeast this year you will be able to check them out!

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