Rant, Rave, and Discuss: Mass Effect 3 Release DLC


Mass Effect 3 Feature Rant, Rave, and Discuss: Mass Effect 3 Release DLC
As many of you should be aware, you know that Mass Effect 3 is releasing a DLC on the day of the game’s release. A lot of gamers are enraged by this purely because the DLC actually holds a very core part of the storyline. The fact that if you do not have a special edition of the game means you are going to have to BUY the DLC as well when you pick up the game. You know, assuming you actually care to have a core part of the storyline. Lets face it, if you are interested in Mass Effect 3 it is because you love the story as well. So, the fact that they made this DLC is one thing. But when they made it with the pure intention of not attaching it to the game, but to release it the same day is just wrong. How do you feel about them doing this, though? Obviously they are aiming to make more money in the long-run with Mass Effect 3, although I do not think they would have ever had an issue in the first place with the games success. A part of me actually wonders how many customers are not thrilled enough about this that they will not be paying for Mass Effect 3. The reason I bring this up, is because there is a video on YouTube about a rather enraged fan. You can view it below.

First thing is first, do you agree or disagree with him? Obviously, no matter what someone says on YouTube they are still going to release the game like they are. The DLC is still going to cost some money to get assuming you do not have a special edition of Mass Effect 3. But do you agree that it is wrong and they are just short changing their games by causing people to buy a very key point in the story? How would they even go about holding such a key storyline from the game? As you have probably read in our previous articles you already know about what the story line they are keeping away from you. If you don’t and are avoiding spoilers then I will not be mentioning it here. But lets just say it brings you back to the first Mass Effect and is honestly a BIG part of the story when you really know what is going to happen in the DLC that you will be missing if you do not pay the extra money for it.

This isn’t the first game that has added a DLC with the release, and most likely will not be the last. Much like single-player games that make you have an online pass now. Think about you, you need an online pass for a singleplayer game? No problem, you bought it new you have it. But lets say you buy a used copy a good $10 cheaper. Well, now you are spending the $10 to get the online pass, and you are right back to the price of a new copy except the chances are your disc is not in perfect condition. Now I want your opinions, though. How do you feel about them keeping the DLC from the story? Obviously they intended this the whole time, the game was in development, the DLC is being released at the same time. They just chose to go, “Oh, this is a great story. The chances of people NOT paying to get this part of the story is non-existent. So, lets make it a release day DLC!” Of course, for those with a special edition are lucky and get the DLC for free. But what of those who just are getting the game? Now you have to spend and extra $5-$15 on a key point in the story?

You might not be quite as outraged as the man in the video, if at all. But how do you feel about this release day DLC? Especially if you know what part of the story it is holding. Let us know your opinions, rants, raves, or even just discuss how you feel about the guy in the video. We’d love to hear your opinions.

 Rant, Rave, and Discuss: Mass Effect 3 Release DLC

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