Terraria v2.0?


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One of the lovely people behind Terraria, Tiyuri, has revealed the first screenshots and information regarding his upcoming game. Terraria fans, this means you should definitely be getting excited right about now!

For those who are unaware of what Terraria is, I will have to start off asking… Have you been living under a rock? But moving on, it is arguably only seconded to Minecraft in the size of the community of which is behind it when it comes to the Indie Game genre. As many fans might think, it would be hard for the game to really get any better, but it honestly seems that might just be happening! With the coming future and the eventual reveal of the next project from the developer.

The screenshots act as a header in the latest reveal, teasing the fans into asking and prying for more answers and information. The developer’s focus with the latest screenshots was to showcase the development of the lighting and real-time shadows. Now, at this moment you might be comparing these screenshots to what you know of Terraria and getting your first impressions right off the bat. Well, it looks like Terraria, but it is rather different as well.

But, a screenshot many people have missed out on is the one below. The one that to myself… is the most breathtaking and most exciting of them all!

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Now, lets take a moment and just admire this lovely screenshot. Every little bit that is a part of this screenshot. The jelly fish, kelp, fish, the frozen trees, even the fossil in the iceburg! The rest I will leave to you as the reader to find for yourself, but that screenshot alone has me going, “When can I get my hands on this?”

“It’s a mix of diablo, metroid, castlevania, terraria, pokemon + some new stuff no one has ever done before”, said Tiyuri to an eager fan, whetting their appetite. We had a quick chat with Tiyuri who then added “maybe borderlands too”.

One of the most interesting quotes from Tiyuri himself was,

It’s going to be a considerably different game to Terraria.

Although from the screenshots I personally but I am still rather excited to see what exactly he has in mind for this game and what differences are going to be introduced.

But is that all? Not in the least. There is a little .gif that shows off the characters and their animations. Not enough for you? Good! ‘Cause there seems to be hope for some kind of mechs, what they are intended for is not fully clear. But maybe some kind of chaos causing? Who wouldn’t want that, right?

If your head isn’t spinning with ideas and hopes and dreams of what you cannot even begin to imagine in this up and coming game… Then I don’t know what to tell you! But whenever something else pops up, I will make sure I inform you guys as soon as possible. But in the mean time, all we can confirm for now is that the game will be available for Windows and Mac. Look out for more small tid bits by following Tiyuri on Twitter!

Are you excited? Can’t wait for more? Check back often and make sure you follow us on Twitter as well keeping an eye out for the lovely articles! How do you feel about this soon to be Terraria v2.0, or whatever it is going to be called in the future? Let us know your opinions, how you feel about the screenshots and the information released thus far! We’d love to hear it.

 Terraria v2.0?

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