The Binding of Isaac Denied 3DS Release

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Nintendo Concerned By “Questionable Religious Content”

Edmund McMillen has confirmed that The Binding of Isaac, his addictive and thoroughly disturbing 21st century roguelike, has been denied a 3DS release by Nintendo. Unfortunately, they are concerned about its somewhat unsettling themes of infantcide, matricide and potentially sacrilegious iconography. Needless to say, it is not quite going along smoothly with their usual lineup of games that Nintendo normally supports.

After a long internal debate Nintendo has decided NOT to allow the Binding of Isaac on the 3DS,”

As many assumed the reasons were due to the games ‘questionable religious content’”

Once again, McMillen hypes up Steam and suggests that their acceptance of controversial material is a part of the reason why they’re the “top dog of digital distribution.” What are your opinions of Nintendo turning down The Binding of Isaac from the 3DS? Is it horribly surprising? Not really, it completely goes against the “family” theme that Nintendo seems to have held rather dear. Do you think it is a smart move on Nintendo’s part? Or do you think they should have went ahead and showed the game some support? Let us know your opinions on the matter in the comments below.

 The Binding of Isaac Denied 3DS Release

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