Indie Gala 2 is here!

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indiegala2 600x78 Indie Gala 2 is here!

If you read the last Indie Gala article I wrote, then you’ve been waiting anxiously ever since for the next Indie Gala to come out, and to see what changes it will bring. Well it’s finally here! When you go to the Indie Gala website, you’ll notice some huge changes, and not just the new color scheme.  The biggest thing you’ll notice is the fact that there are actually 3 bundles! There’s The Carebear bundle, The Big-Saver Bundle, and The Epic Gala Bundle. That’s quite a lot of bundles, so let’s take a closer look at them. And before you ask, yes all games are available on Steam!

The Carebear Bundle:

With a minimum on just one dollar, this bundle has the games and three albums. The games are Critical Mass, Fortix, and Bunch of Heroes. The albums include…well you can see that on the site cause as neat as it is that they’re releasing indie music artists, this is about the games! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the albums though, because they’re pretty neat as well.

carebearbundle 600x238 Indie Gala 2 is here!

The Big-Saver Bundle:

Featuring Roboblitz, Greed Corp, and the games from the Carebear Bundle, this bundle can be bought for the minimum of $5.42. Also includes six albums.

bigsaverbundle 600x236 Indie Gala 2 is here!

The Epic-Gala Bundle:

This is the bundle you save the most money on, with a minimum price of  $9.48 and including 11 games and 7 music albums. Including the games from the other two albums, you also get inMomentum, Your Doodles are Bugged, Hacker Evolution: Untold, Hacker Evolution: Duality, Zombie Shooter, and Zombie Shooter 2. These games look familiar? That’s because they’re all from the first Indie Gala bundle. Buying the Epic-Gala Bundle allows you to get the original games if you were unfortunate enough to miss them, plus one extra music album.

epicgalabundle 600x229 Indie Gala 2 is here!

Indie Gala has also released a little information on a possible “point system”. You will obtain “Gala Points” for doing things such as purchasing a bundle, purchasing early, buying gifts for friends, beating the average price and so on. The won’t reveal what exactly you can do with the Gala Points just yet, but they did say they will be useful in future Indie Gala initiatives.

So now don’t just buy a bundle for yourself, buy some for your friends so you can rack up those points! Also if you buy multiple gifts at a time for a certain price, bonus content will be included. So say you bought two bundles as gifts for $16.65, you’d get the “Epic” content included with your purchase.

While most bundles are limited on time, IndieGala is limited on quantity. So once all the bundles are sold, that’s it D: You can see how many bundles are left in the upper right corner of the IndieGala website. Let us know if you were awesome enough to buy one of these bundles, and which one you bought!

 Indie Gala 2 is here!


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